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Audio Normalizer 2014

Audio Normalizer 2014

We are in a new era , k technologically speaking . I do not mean to compare us to the 80s, but I still Compared to 2003.
At that time , mp3 download a required bandwidth consuming which was very scarce at that time , generating many minutes that it took to achieve download any download .
Furthermore, the computers of that time had little space in its hard disk and therefore it was very important to get the mp3 has the smallest possible for both to have a short time to download , to occupy as little space hard discussion .

But those days have been very distant . Not so much in time, but the difference in technological capabilities . Today the size of a digital audio file is not the priority , today we want high fidelity , better sound.

This is how it manages to be MP3Doctor PRO2 an appropriate normalizer for this era, in which new paradigms to generate high-quality audio are used. MP3Doctor PRO2 works through the most sophisticated and modern algorithms that allow you to analyze and normalize audio files , a completely new way , which was impossible a few years ago.

Nor is it limited to mp3 , it is now possible to normalize the most common formats and audio.

MP3Doctor PRO2 is the most powerful solution , appropriate for this 2014.

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