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MP3Doctor PRO2 is the most advanced market mp3 Normalizer, we have over 10 years of experience accumulated in the area and have managed to develop the most powerful industry normalizer.
Indeed MP3Doctor PRO2 is used in the music industri in many areas, from broadcasting on radio and television, to recitals in large stadiums, even in music production, radio, advertising, cinematic dubbing, etc. Even many churches use MP3Doctor FOR 2 to normalize their Sunday sermons and politicians to normalize the volume of his speeches.

All this happens because MP3Doctor PRO2 has an advanced "formula" to make the audio level of audio files of different formats (not only accepts mp3) equal in volume, uniform, has no jumps or falls from volume, and loudness is constant in one song and between songs.

Many years ago, the mechanism that is used to try to normalize the music, were very naive and the results were poor. MP3Doctor PRO2 not use volume peaks, nor compare songs from the same album or mp3s compare with other mp3s. We're not in the 90s. In full year 2014, the mechanisms-earned after many years as leaders in the market, have reached a much more sophisticated, efficient and mature level.


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