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Good Day,

Thank you. I am a DJ in Canada and decided I needed a program to normalize
the audio level of my music files without having to do them one at a time.
When searching in Google I came across your site and tried your program with
the demo and was quite happy with the results. I will recommend your
program going forward.

Wayne Montgomery

Mp3 pitch changer

Mp3 pitch changer

The program Mp3Doctor Mp3Doctor PRO and PRO 2 can change the mood of a song without changing its velocity, ie, without altering the number of beats per minute, also known as tempo.
This means that you can change, for instance, half tone down or a little more a song, or you can also tune up,.
Of course the program can actually go further and the modification can overcome the octave down and octave up.

This has several purposes, some modified to the singer’s voice sound more powerful, others to make a mix of two songs and changing the pitch of one of them manages to sound more harmonic to avoid colliding musical scales of both scales, almost s all DJ professionals actually do that.
Of course there is another obvious use: change the pitch of a song or track to suit your own voice so you can sing.

Some people think that changing the tone, the song sounded necessarily slower (if they lower the tone) or faster if you raise the skill and this is not so. The Pitch Change function allows the Mp3Doctor PRO perfectly light or drastically modify, amend tino keeping the tempo of the song.

Of course the software also has the reverse version, which is the ability to change the tempo (soft or drastically) without altering the pitch.
For example you can take a ballad that has 70 beats per minute and speeds up to 120 beats per minute, keeping the tone of the singer and instruments unchanged.
This function is also used heavily by DJs or people doing remixes and this option allows things get very interesting.


Returning to the original subject, that the mp3 pitch changer, you say that the sound quality is very good and in the case of changing musical tones clue, the result is often of very high quality.

We did the experiment to make recordings of Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, etc. modificarles and pitch so that the singer’s voice sounded coarser halftone and people who listened did not notice the change in tone, however if perceived a improvement in the voice, they said that the singer sounded great.
In short, the possibilities of use are many. You download the trial version of the software and be surprised by the excellent results that you get.

Remember Mp3Doctor PRO version mp3 files only manerja while Mp3Doctor PRO version 2 is able to perform all these formats as ftunciones flac, ogg, aac, m4a, mp2, etc



How to improve, normalize, raise, increase or boost the volume of an mp3?

How to improve, raise, increase or boost the volume of an mp3?

That’s the question that most visitors have come to this site and hoping that the Mp3Doctor is the answer … and it is.

You can download the software trial version and test it to verify how good rises, rises, rises, promotes and standardizes the collection of mp3s.

Besides this option, the Mp3Doctor PRO offers equalization, modification of the pitch or tempo.

Mp3 Normalizer

Normalize is simple, you simply carcar mp3 file (or archiuvos, as well the program performs batch normalize) and press a button only, so simple.

With that simple action you managed to standardize one (or as many as you want to batch normalize) their mp3s.
The software automatically performs the calculations for you and manages to give the best possible volume for each mp3.

It is not necessary to compare with other mp3. Mp3Doctor pro calculates how to optimize the gain level of the mp3.


Another function offered by elk Mp3Doctor PRO is to equalize their mp3s to give them color, brightness, hue … in short, left perfect.


The function to equalize the preset Mp3Doctor defcenas brings all types of equalizer, but you can also create their own.
The important thing is to achieve enhance your mp3s to leave them with a maximum of quality.

The mp3s sound much better with a higher quality if you give them a good EQ. Think that no radio station in the world or any DJ who do not use the EQ.

Pitch Change

Changing the pitch of mp3 without altering the tempo at all is very useful. Used to hold a clue to the tone that you can sing.
But it also serves to “tweak” the voice of some singers (run mnedio more serious tone of voice of any male singer and see the improvement).
Finally, change the pitch has many uses and is a very interesting and powerful function.

Tempo Change

In the same area is also the option to change the tempo (without affecting the pitch) which allow the varantes hacver very interesting songs that you choose, surprising everyone or match the tempo of mp3s for later use them to blends dance, ls possibilities are endless and very powerful too.

Finally the fact that you can resample your mp3s, change bitrate or sample rate (or both), can encode wav to mp3 or vice versa. You can make TRIM (remove silencions the beginning or end of each mp3) …

Mp3Doctor PRO, besides being the normalizer mjejor mpo3s there, offers a range of other tools for you to improve your mp3s.
Enjoy it.

Change Tempo or Bpm of a Song

Change Tempo or Bpm of a Song

Is it possible to change tempo or bpm of your song? Most times many music enthusiasts collect thousands of songs into their Mp3, but unless you know what to do, you could be stuck in the tempo or bpm trap. This means that even if you are not comfortable with the bpm or tempo of a song, you must stick to listening to it that way. This can live you with very ugly or uncomfortable listening experience. If you have the right software or the correct tool, you can change the tempo or bpm of a song. This is where you need the Mp3Doctor PRO software to help you get out of the tempo or bpm trap.

Each song in an mp3 comes with a different tempo or bpm. Mostly, it is either at 120 bpm, 126bpm to 135bpm. Your ability to change the tempo or bpm of a song can affect the level of energy it exerts on the listener or dancer. This will also determine the mood of the hall or club, or even your personal environment. The tempo or bpm of any music you are playing has great effect on your brain, and your general mood. For this reason, it is worth investing into any tool or software that can help you manipulate the tempo or bpm of all the songs in your mp3. Going for Mp3Doctor PRO in this case is an excellent decision, as it will pay you well.

Since all the songs in the Mp3 come from different sources, their initial pitch or bpm could be affected. Songs give out better sounds only when they are played in the very tempo or bpm with which they were recorded. This means that a song recoded at the bpm of 120 can move to an extreme bpm after downloading. Let us say a song was recorded at 120 bpm and eventually moved to an extreme of 135bpm, the tone of the song will be greatly affect until it is returned to 120. This implies that you will have a lot of unpleasant tunes if you are unable to reverse the song to 120. With Mp3Doctor PRO you can easily change tempo or bpm of a song in your mp3.

As a professional DJ, song mixture is not all about moving the pitch up and down or just mere beatmatching. To keep the mood flowing on the dancing floor you must be able to play tunes that are not disrupted by changes in tone or overstretching of the Wav- files of the song on play. With the Mp3Doctor PRO you can re-enable warping and get the track on the right tempo or bpm. If you change tempo or bpm of a song with the wrong tool or software you can overstretch the wav files, and thereby alter the mood of the audience negatively. However, with the functionalities of the Mp3Doctor PRO you can change tempo or bpm of as many tracks as possible without the audience noticing it.

Mp3 Player Volume Booster

Mp3 Player Volume Booster


The use of Mp3Doctor PRO becomes necessary for experiencing a totally new and high level of mp3 music. This tool gives you the power to standardize the mp3 audios and give the complete collection better sound quality, ensuring undisturbed music for hours. It is the best tool for DJ’s, as it permits the user to make tempo and speed modification. The pitch of a song could be changed without changing the tempo and vice versa. Professionals and beginners could easily make changes, listen to the modifications, carry out further alterations and then finally processes a file. Mp3 player volume booster assures a stable and high quality music experience for all its users. 
Responsive Features The Mp3Doctor PRO is an unproblematic application.

It allows you to equalize the sound of all the different downloads such that when these songs are reproduced on mp3 players, mobile phones, CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks, etc. the quality of the sound is unaffected. Those who desire to change the tempo of a song could make the required alteration without altering the pitch. Similarly the pitch could be modified without amending the tempo. These simple and amazing features make the Mp3 player volume booster an extraordinary tool for enhancing your music experience. Easy Solutions The sound control of Mp3Doctor PRO equalizes the sound of all the tracks.

The inferior sound quality of many sound downloads is taken care of by the software. Your classic collection of old mp3 songs could at times have a poor audio; this is also rectified by the Mp3 player volume booster. This application is also capable of boosting the volume of those mp3 tracks which are damaged and have low audio patches. It makes the sound clearer, louder and brighter. It empowers the song and each instrument reaches you at an appropriate level. Comfortable Usage Mp3Doctor PRO can be used by any person comfortably. Most of the features are activated by the click of a button. Amateurs can make their mp3 collection sound better in a very simply way, by making a click. As for the advanced users and professionals, they could use the sophisticated features, which are also easily mastered by all. Downloading the Mp3 player volume booster free trail version will give you a better idea about the straightforward interface of the application. 

Better-Quality Normalization The application could boost of being the best audio equalizer. Most of the normalization in an Mp3Doctor PRO is taken care off automatically. The software is designed in such a way that it never lets a single poor quality note reach your ear. It is programmed to analyze each and every bit of a song to ensure a better listening experience to its users. Every millisecond of a track is scrutinized and improvements are made as required. The Mp3 player volume booster carries out an efficient job for all types of mp3 tracks, optimizing the audio with clearer volume and doing justice to all instruments levels. 

Peak Normalization? There are better solutions?

Peak Normalization? There are better solutions?

Did you past that when you play the music you have stored on your computer, either on your player from your PC, your iPod, or wherever, some songs are heard louder than others?One of the most annoying situations when listening to music from different sources is to find that the files have radically different sound levels.

Surely more than once have had to turn up the volume on the player for a song not hear too well, to meet with an electric guitar solo timpani able to break into the next song.The solution to this problem has existed for quite some time and is called normalization process to match or even out the volume of the sound filesPerhaps the users ‘common’ do not mind so much this problem, but audiophiles and DJ’s like me, go to our interest, especially the DJ’s, since, even with gain controls machines in our players (whether software or hardware), they are not very accurate, and they can ruin an entire session.

Normally, unless it is an extreme case in which you are listening to an MP3 to a small volume and the next is so high that it almost leaves you deaf, if this is not the case, the ‘hassle’ of having MP3 files different volume is reduced to lower or raise the volume on your player.At this point, we are talking about listening to MP3s on your PC, but what about when you decide to record yourself an audio CD with your favorite MP3s?It is at this very moment when most noticeable volume differences between songs and the next, ‘destroying’ the collection with which you were so excited, too bad.First we must know that there are two ways to measure the volume on a song, which is the peak volume and the volume RMS.Effective RMS is the power of a wave, ie the calculated power level based on the effective wave, unlike Peak to Peak Power (PMPO or Peak) which is calculated based on the voltage between positive peak and negative peak of wave.The effective level of voltage is in turn a mathematical calculation which results in the DC voltage which would produce the same power dissipation of alternating the wave in question.

There are many programs that can “normalize” our audio files, but most only with the power hcen Pico. PRO Mp3Doctor not.Why I do this if the Windows Media Player and allow me to normalize AIMP while playing, without having to modify my files?There are several reasons:1. They are not very accurate when normalized.2. If you are using an audio player (call Ipod, MP3 Player Chinese, lyrics, etc..) You will still hear the songs at different volumes for the above programs do not modify the file, do it “on the fly.”3. I do it because I’m an audiophile, I demand a lot in these areas.

Mp3 Encoding

Mp3 Encoding

With the introduction of the Compact Disc everyone was sharing and exchanging MP3s and audio all over the place. Along with music that is collected from other sources, thousands of tracks can be stored on a computer. Trouble is, if you want to play a collection of songs from all different media and sources then you are going to have to continually adjust the volume control on your computer or on your speakers because some songs are going to be much louder then others because of improper volume normalization. Now maybe this will not be a trouble at home when it is just yourself rocking out in your pajamas listening to your favorite music. But in a more social setting, like at the office you need to keep the noise from the speakers low, so you don’t disturb your neighbors with your awesome tunes, someone has to do some work while you’re listening to your favorite rock anthem!

Now there are some programs that try to eliminate this problem but don’t quite hit the hammer on the head. They try to normalize the audio file or volume boost a specific song, but they don’t always get it right. Usually leaving the quality of the song in much worse condition then the original and not allowing certain file types to be edited or used in a certain way. In this day and age the ability to control, edit and maintain an audio collection should come side by side with the advancements in audio production and engineer. Now there is a program that can eliminate these problems while keeping the audio quality un touched and all with a simple to use interface. MP3 Doctor Pro allows you full control over your MP3 collection, now you can use the MP3 volume booster to boost the volume of your favorite tracks all while keeping the quality of the track in top condition, with no clipping or degradation of your file. Normalize your entire audio collection with batch operations and allow the specific algorithm to help normalize and balance your entire collection, while taking into consideration the context of albums and keeping the frequencies consistent throughout.

It used to be that the ability to alter and enhance MP3 files was kept to the audio engineers and studio producers but now the process has become much more streamlined and simple, allowing anyone to edit every aspect of any audio file including volume normalization and volume boosting. MP3 Doctor Pro is the simple way to have full control over your audio collection. Encode and decode many different file types to suit your need, chop and change parts of songs and create clips of your favorite songs. Fade in and out of one song to the other and have fun creating your own party playlist. Now you can create tailored playlists either to be used at home or at the office, create playlists for every occasion and impress your friends with your DJ mixing skills.

Mp3Doctor PRO – Another user review

Mp3Doctor PRO – Another user review

I’m Portuguese and I’m an amateur DJ. Before, when I heard my music on CDs, I did not need to adjust the volume with every change of song, but since the advent of mp3s things have changed.

It is because each mp3 has been encoded with a different encoder, which produces mixed results. This has created a need, we all noticed, to match the volume of all the mp3s. For this work I found the Mp3Doctor really helped me to a level equal to the volume of all my mp3s. Also function to change the tempo is great. thanks Benedict

mp3 geluids niveau mp3 geluidsniveau mp3 converteren

MP3 Doctor PRO is een editing tool waarmee je optimaliseren, testen, aanpassen en verbeteren van al uw MP3’s en Wavs op verschillende manieren. U kunt repareren onvolmaakte songs of te wijzigen met TRIM, vereffenen, resample, en met een zeer efficiënte en verbeterde procedure voor normalisatie MP3s – VOLUME normaliseringsinstelling en volume boost – functie. Het doel is u in staat om een vergelijkbare kwaliteit, volume en geluid in al uw MP3’s en ontdek een nieuwe kwaliteit in uw mp3-bestanden.

Door deze manier zul je niet alleen maar een consistent volume in uw verzameling MP3’s, maar u ontvangt ook een constante kwaliteit.

In de toekomst, bij het spelen van uw afspeellijst op uw mp3-speler, uw mp3-bestanden goed in overeenstemming met een passende omvang.

Er worden geen bestanden die klinkt ‘opaque’, ‘versleten’, ‘saai’ of ‘zwak’, en met een laag volume. Ook anderen die geluiden te sterk, schandalig of luid. Het afspelen wordt glad, met een goed volume, zo nodig om een onderscheid te maken en te genieten van elk nummer en voor elk deel.



Audio normaalgloeien is het proces van toenemende (of dalende) de amplitude van een audio-signaal, zodat het resultaat overeenkomt met een gewenste maximale amplitude. Gewoonlijk wordt de normalisering verhoogt de amplitude van de audio golfvorm met een maximum niveau dat geen enkele verdere verstoring. Zei in gewone woorden, normaalgloeien versterkt het volume (winst, volume) aan de maximaal mogelijke.

Het concept van dynamische normaalgloeien wordt gebruikt op dit moment, wat betekent dat het volume wordt vergroot in elk frame, door middel van ingewikkelde berekeningen, in plaats van het uitvoeren van een totale versterking van het audiobestand.

De dynamische normalisatie is de meest efficiënte methode te versterken, zodat een doeltreffende en wereldwijd, een audio-bestand (WAV, MP3, etc).

Het verschil tussen de dynamische normaalgloeien enerzijds en de oude methode bekend als mp3gain aan de andere kant, is in feite dat de toename van het volume plaatsvindt in elk frame van het archief, zelfs rekening houdend met verschillende geluidsdragers, zoals hoge frequenties, hoge en bas. Er is een totale winst, gebaseerd op een complexe berekening die alleen vullen de audio niveau dat nodig is om nadere uitwerking.


Waarom wil iedereen hard te normaliseren hun verzameling van mp3-bestanden?


Jaren geleden, mensen geluisterd naar hun vinyl lang speelt placidly vergadering in de woonkamer, omgeven door een vriendelijke stilte.
Zelfs de covers van de oude grammofoonplaten werden groter en bevatten veel informatie, songteksten en vele foto’s. Mensen kunnen comfortabel zitten, zonder enige haast om te luisteren naar elk LP (Long Play).

Het geluidsniveau laag was in die omgeving en de mensen kunnen horen elke noot en elk geluid detail opgenomen in de LP.

Maar vandaag, we horen onze favoriete muziek reizen in een trein, het rijden door een onderzeese tunnel, die in een park vol met andere sporters, enz.. De ruis is aanwezig om ons heen.

Ook moeten we beseffen dat we onze eisen voor kwaliteit en standaardisering van de omvang, wij zijn gewend om met spelers die een betere geluidskwaliteit. Vandaag hebben we een norm voor een kwaliteit die veel hoger is dan de norm die bestonden op het moment van dit geïdealiseerd scène die we al eerder zagen: een persoon zit rustig in huis, genieten van de muziek op een vinyl LP, terwijl u op de cover van de LP.

Om muziek af te spelen in de moderne hoogwaardige apparaten die momenteel bestaan, moeten we “tweaken” die oude opnamen van geluid, het versterken van de lage, midden en hoge tonen.

Momenteel is het niet genoeg om de nummer een, met een totale toename in volume. Onze hoge normen vereisen een moderne en efficiënte proces van normalisatie van het volume. Dus moeten we versterken en verwerken elk frame onafhankelijk. De verhoging van de lage frequenties waar nodig, bevestiging van de hoge noten soms verduidelijken en benadrukken de stem in een nummer … Kortom, we hebben een proces van normalisatie in overeenstemming met de hoge kwaliteit muziek afspelen apparaten die we gebruiken vandaag.

Evenmin mogen we niet vergeten de rumoerige omgeving waarin wij leven in onszelf.


Bass Boost


Mp3Doctor PRO kan versterking van de bas, verrijking van de ervaring van het luisteren ritme, Latin, jazz, salsa, rock en dance muziek, onder andere genres.

Misschien is het woord dat het best beschrijft dit proces is geoptimaliseerd normaliseren.

mp3 normalizer - mp3gain

Mp3Doctor PRO vergroot de ritmische en percussieve (drums) delen, verhoogt het volume krijgen in de bas, de middelste frequenties zijn geretoucheerd om de “aanwezigheid” van de stemmen en om de definitie van de instrumenten, zoals piano’s, gitaren, violen. Een van de opvallendste voordelen is dat je duidelijk kan waarnemen elk van deze muziekinstrumenten die zijn toegenomen en gedefinieerd; niet langer klinkende randen, vervormd of verward.
De hogere noten van het lied zal ‘glans op haar eigen’ na de normalisatie.

Wat zijn de methoden die we gebruikt voor de nadere uitwerking, gelijk en optimaliseren met verschillende niveaus van de verschillende instrumenten van elke song? Een zeer moderne normaalgloeien algoritme, dat zijn meestal gedaan beeld voor beeld (44100 per seconde gemiddelde).

Het resultaat zal zijn, zodat u niet nog meer te bewegen de volumeregelaar op uw mp3-speler met elke song afgespeeld.


Hoe moeilijk is het gebruik van Mp3Doctor PRO? De leercurve is hard?


U hoeft niet te worden van een audio-ingenieur voor het gebruik van de Mp3Doctor PRO. In feite is het heel eenvoudig te gebruiken. U hoeft alleen voor het laden van het mp3-bestand en druk op een knop, dat is het.


Moet ik een aantal specifieke kennis om inzicht te krijgen in de verschillende audio-instellingen van Mp3Doctor PRO?


Nee, nogmaals, alleen moeten kunnen druk op een knop. Dat is alles. Je drukt op een knop en de software draait automatisch, niets meer nodig. Misschien is de enige vereiste is dat u ontspannen en genieten van uw favoriete muziek.

Mp3Doctor PRO is de nieuwe hoogconjunctuur in termen van goed kwaliteit. Onmisbare metgezel als je het afspelen van digitale audio in draagbare apparaten zoals mp3-spelers, MP4-spelers, memory sticks, walkmans, draagbare mp3-speler in je auto, enz.. De software is ook geschikt en onmisbaar voor desktop computers en laptops.

Het zal je niet meer te voortdurend aanpassen van het volume schuifje bij het afspelen van MP3’s. U hoort instrumenten die nog niet eerder opgevallen.

Elke song zal in combinatie met het einde van het vorige nummer in een vlotte en perfecte manier.

Ook kunt u het tempo of de toonhoogte als je wilt een professionele DJ. Variaties in de hoeveelheid winst zal geen pijn.

Als een nummer begint met een zachte, lage volume, dit deel zal het volume adequaat zonder dat daardoor verstorend anderen delen die al een hogere of voldoende volume. Elk onderdeel van elke song zal heel hoorbaar, met de juiste volume.

Zonder de dynamiek van elk nummer, de omvang van elk deel wordt het meest geschikt voor een optimale reproductie

mp3 geluids niveau, mp3 geluidsniveau

Mp3Doctor Review

Mp3Doctor Review:

Review:Doctor,Doctor, oh the term that is so heavily put on something that can “so to say” fix anything. When i go to the doctor’s office i want my problem fixed. I don’t want to pay and receive advice that doesn’t work.

This program, MP3 Doctor i feel is just like a real doctor. When i recently downloaded and used this program on my friends computer i found it very simple and easy to use. Overall for under $30 bucks i was able to edit, fix, remix, speed up, slow down, etc. Don’t get me wrong!

This program will do most of these things top notch but, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect some record studio remix that’s going to make it to the clubs or used as the beat in a new rap song! That’s not what this programs meant to be. It’s meant to be used to edit your files at home or if you have a DJ business. Edit songs, remix songs, slow down songs, not totally create new masterpieces.

MP3 doctor not only allows the user to edit the tracks by cutting, adding, or sampling parts. A really neat feature that i absolutely loved on this particular program was its ability to change the tempo (speed) of the song without changing the pitch (vocals higher or lower with the speed change).

This feature i give an A++++ because i, myself, am a DJ and have been one for over 6 years now and i appreciate being able to speed up or slow down a song without it sounding like the chip munks. Ridin’ dirty doesn’t sound good when sang by the chipmunks, Trust me! Overall, Like the title of my review! A Decent M.D.

A medical doctor out in the world today is not God! Please don’t expect this program to be. MP3 doctor deserves probably a 9 on the 10 scale simply because it can do things most other programs cannot do for under $20 bucks.

Like I stated earlier, i love the tempo feature without the chipmunks! I use it when i’m DJ’ing to be able to mix two songs perfectly together as one. You have one that’s 84 BPM (Beats per minute) and you have another that’s 106, you can bring the 84 up to 94 and bring the 106 down to match that, oh what a remix.

I personally like this program very well i’ve found it very useful with my DJ’ing and really for anyone that loves music and loves to mess around with it in their extra time, i believe they’d like it. For a professional that is expecting top-of-the-line performance, not so much.

It’s a decent M.D., it does everything it says it’ll do but not much more. No hidden treasures here. All aspects of MP3 Doctor are upfront, it can edit, change tempo, and alter MP3 & Wav files in select ways. This program is a cold worth catching for most!

MP3Doctor is an editing tool that lets you check, modify, and improve your MP3 and WAV files. You can repair imperfect songs or modify them with trimming, equalizing, and resampling. The goal is to let you maintain similar quality, volume, and sound on all your MP3s. In addition, the program converts MP3 files to WAV and vice versa. Moreover, the program can handle ID3 tags of MP3 files.

The normalize function allows you to get the lower parts of a song to higher levels and to standardize your MP3 collection. The karaoke feature lets the user remove the vocals of an MP3 or WAV file. The pitch and tempo features let the user change tempo (BPM) without changing the pitch, or vice versa.

This version is a major Update that includes a very optimized Normalize Mp3 Volume Normalizer function that allows to get the lower parts of a song to higher levels. With this Super-Normalize feature the user could get all your songs to the best level possible. A new Karaoke feature was added, that lets the user to remove the vocals of an MP3 or WAV file. This functions works exactly by the same principle of the hardware vocal removers and get then similar results.

Most songs could get the vocals removed, however it depends more on the effects and proccessing that the vocals has during the recording. On the other side, some other sounds of the song could be removed by using the Karaoke function, user can’t expect to remove all the vocals on every file.

New pitch and tempo features added that let user change tempo (bmp) without changing the pitch or viceversa, ideal for remixes.

Mp3Doctor is the perfect mp3 normalizer – volume normalizer, converter, resampler, equalizer.


Mp3Doctor have 8544
Twitter followers.

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