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Mp3 Equalize, Compression, Limit & Expand – Mp3 Normalizer



MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, more commonly known as MP3 is an audio compression format that uses a proprietary digital algorithm to achieve loss smaller file size. It is a common audio format used for music both on computers and portable audio players.

MP3 was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) to be part of the MPEG-1 and later and more extended MPEG-2. Created using an MP3 compression 128kbit / s have a size of approximately 11 times lower than its namesake in CD. An MP3 can also be compressed using a higher or lower bit rate per second, resulting directly in their degree of end audio quality, and in the resulting file size.

The Mp3 psychoacoustic model

Compression is based on reducing the dynamic range irrelevant, ie in the inability of the auditory system for detecting quantization errors in terms of masking. This standard divides the signal into frequency bands that approximate the critical bands, then quantified each subband based on the detection threshold of the noise in that band. The psychoacoustic model is a modification of the employee in Scheme II, and uses a method called polynomial prediction. Analyzes the audio signal and calculates the amount of noise which can be introduced depending on the frequency, ie, calculates the “amount of masking” or masking threshold as a function of frequency. The encoder uses this information to decide how best to spend the available bits. This standard provides two psychoacoustic models of different complexity: model I is less complex than the psychoacoustic model II and greatly simplifies the calculations. Studies show that the distortion generated is imperceptible to the ear experienced in an optimal environment from the 192 kbps and under normal conditions [citation needed]. To the inexperienced ear, or common, with 128 kbps or 96 kbps up enough to be heard “good” (unless it has a high audio quality where it shows too serious lack of sound and highlights the of “frying” in the treble). In people who listen to much music or have experience in the hearing, from 192 or 256 kbps is enough to hear well [citation needed]. The music circulating on the Internet, mostly, is encoded between 128 and 192 kbps.

The Mp3 psychoacoustic model

Mp3 file is made up of different MP3 frames which in turn are composed of a header and data Mp3 MP3. This data stream is the “elementary stream”. Each of the frames are independent, ie, a person can cut the frame of an MP3 file and then play on any MP3 player market. The header consists of a synchronizing word which is used to indicate the beginning of a valid frame. Following are a series of bits that indicate that the scanned file is a file and if using Standard MPEG Layer 3 or not. After all this, the values ??differ depending on the MP3 file. Value ranges are defined in ISO / IEC 11172-3.

Volume Level

The amplified sound is the process of increasing its amplitude, which also drives up the intensity (loudness) and power (volume). Amplification does not act directly on the sound wave, but acts on the electrical signal that has been transformed (transduction), prior to entering the electronic equipment for processing. At the exit of (preamplifier or an amplifier), when the signal is again converted into audio, this change (gain) will affect the resulting waveform, which will increase its amplitude and will, therefore, more intense and potent.

Digital Audio

The 80’s frame an event in audio history: the arrival on the scene of the compact disc, or CD, and since then could not use more technical groove width, being the 16bit a hard limit. Thus, the competence of the studios had to be limited, such as radio, electronic weapons, so of course, the multiband processor soon join the arsenal of mastering studios. This cyclic process is returned. Radio stations compete for the volume, but at the same time trying to achieve a homogeneous throughout its volume content while that content producers also compete for the volume, thus hindering the initial purpose. The war is perpetuated because the volume is fed, because there comes a time in history that is no longer producing music but only to sell more albums than others, forcing them to compete with all available weapons volume being one of the most used, even though his method is as effective as currently questioned.




1, Equalize: With equalization the aim is to adjust the tonal characteristics of audio to be processed, either to mitigate or accentuate it. It is very common when mastering EQ make major changes unless necessary to maintain the equalization is usually carried out earlier in the mixture, usually small adjustments.

2 ° Compression: The use of a compressor or limiter when carrying out the mastering is intended that no strong differences between the parties of more force and less force, thus achieving a certain stability.

3  ° Limit: While a compressor compresses the signal is above the threshold that you will point out, the limiter does is cut the signal, ie, while a compression function is applied in a 3:1 ratio limiter is applied infinite ratio: 1.

4 ° Expand: An expander is the inverse function of a compressor. It is widely used for audio restoration and the information that is stored on tape and that because of time and other factors is damaging information that is stored in them, it is also used to reduce background noise that is unwanted into professional recordings.It is true that both in some cases and in others it is necessary to do this, but still in this process nor is there mandatory guidelines is a question always of the intentions of the musician or technician mastering style that will be mastering and in many cases is a matter of fashion. For example, today is carried out fashion war of the volume in which what is sought is a extreme compression and maximization, this has the razomiento is that the human ear acts differently depending on the level of SPL and the higher the greater the number of high and low frequencies that we perceive. It also has much to do with the listener’s attention, for example, someone takes half an hour listening to the radio to a certain level and, suddenly, the radio plays a song that has a much higher level, automatically the listener pay attention. When performing this process should take into account that also has negative factors such as loss of dynamic and it can end up being tiring to the ear, in fact has many detractors as Geoff Emerick (known for his work with The Beatles from Revolver to Abbey Road), Steve Hoffman, and many others, including music lovers and fans of high quality as Bob Dylan said:Listen to these modern recordings are atrocious, they have sound everywhere. There is no definition of nothing, no voices, no nothing, all static.Bob DylanWhat we must never fall into error is to think that mastering can fix all the problems that have accumulated over recording, editing and mixing. The role of Bob Katz mastering as said is:Mastering is the art of compromise, to know what is possible and the impossible, and make decisions about what is most important in music.

Mp3Gain PRO User review

Mp3Gain PRO User review:


Thank you.

I made a whole bunch of MP3’s from CD’s which i had. Over time, I guess I had not done them all exactly the same and found some played louder than others. I found this very annoying so went searching for a program that might correct this. This is how I found Mp3Gain. After trying the program I decided to purchase it.

Customer reviews and comments


     I googled – Mp3 audio sound leveling software.  This particular software seems to work well for my purposes.  I will use to equalize mp3 files put onto my zune.  Will take guess work out of using Roxio equalizer.  Will require some deletion and re-entries, but will be worth the time!  Have a Great Day!
Fred (Bunkerman)

I used Mp3gain a long time ago,  just got a new pc and lost the old program in the process.. Went onto the internet and found your product did a download tested it out, pleased with the results..


I recieved the info on your product from my brother. He said he loved it so I thought I would give it a try.
I have used MP3Gain for some years, on&off, and was looking for 
something new and stumbled on SuperMP3Normalizer.
While reading I found that MP3Doctor PRO did that and more so I decided to 
buy MP3Doctor PRO.

Volume adjuster – user review Mp3Doctor PRO

One comment received from our customers:

You asked where I obtained the information on MP3Doctor.  I Google searched and went throught all of the information on your web site. I downloaded a test copy and it worked exactly as I wanted. The problem I had with the Google search was identifying a description of the program. Normalizer is one word I encountered. I had been using volume leveler and volume adjuster. I would suggest using several words that mean what the software does. One other thing…. I was impressed with the web site and the assurances that the software was legitimate and did not contain backdoors.
If you can afford it, I would recommend occasional brief radio advertising. (radio is cheap) because I think many people are as frustrated as I am at music that varies in loudness.

Incoming search terms:

mp3 geluids niveau mp3 geluidsniveau mp3 converteren

MP3 Doctor PRO is een editing tool waarmee je optimaliseren, testen, aanpassen en verbeteren van al uw MP3’s en Wavs op verschillende manieren. U kunt repareren onvolmaakte songs of te wijzigen met TRIM, vereffenen, resample, en met een zeer efficiënte en verbeterde procedure voor normalisatie MP3s – VOLUME normaliseringsinstelling en volume boost – functie. Het doel is u in staat om een vergelijkbare kwaliteit, volume en geluid in al uw MP3’s en ontdek een nieuwe kwaliteit in uw mp3-bestanden.

Door deze manier zul je niet alleen maar een consistent volume in uw verzameling MP3’s, maar u ontvangt ook een constante kwaliteit.

In de toekomst, bij het spelen van uw afspeellijst op uw mp3-speler, uw mp3-bestanden goed in overeenstemming met een passende omvang.

Er worden geen bestanden die klinkt ‘opaque’, ‘versleten’, ‘saai’ of ‘zwak’, en met een laag volume. Ook anderen die geluiden te sterk, schandalig of luid. Het afspelen wordt glad, met een goed volume, zo nodig om een onderscheid te maken en te genieten van elk nummer en voor elk deel.



Audio normaalgloeien is het proces van toenemende (of dalende) de amplitude van een audio-signaal, zodat het resultaat overeenkomt met een gewenste maximale amplitude. Gewoonlijk wordt de normalisering verhoogt de amplitude van de audio golfvorm met een maximum niveau dat geen enkele verdere verstoring. Zei in gewone woorden, normaalgloeien versterkt het volume (winst, volume) aan de maximaal mogelijke.

Het concept van dynamische normaalgloeien wordt gebruikt op dit moment, wat betekent dat het volume wordt vergroot in elk frame, door middel van ingewikkelde berekeningen, in plaats van het uitvoeren van een totale versterking van het audiobestand.

De dynamische normalisatie is de meest efficiënte methode te versterken, zodat een doeltreffende en wereldwijd, een audio-bestand (WAV, MP3, etc).

Het verschil tussen de dynamische normaalgloeien enerzijds en de oude methode bekend als mp3gain aan de andere kant, is in feite dat de toename van het volume plaatsvindt in elk frame van het archief, zelfs rekening houdend met verschillende geluidsdragers, zoals hoge frequenties, hoge en bas. Er is een totale winst, gebaseerd op een complexe berekening die alleen vullen de audio niveau dat nodig is om nadere uitwerking.


Waarom wil iedereen hard te normaliseren hun verzameling van mp3-bestanden?


Jaren geleden, mensen geluisterd naar hun vinyl lang speelt placidly vergadering in de woonkamer, omgeven door een vriendelijke stilte.
Zelfs de covers van de oude grammofoonplaten werden groter en bevatten veel informatie, songteksten en vele foto’s. Mensen kunnen comfortabel zitten, zonder enige haast om te luisteren naar elk LP (Long Play).

Het geluidsniveau laag was in die omgeving en de mensen kunnen horen elke noot en elk geluid detail opgenomen in de LP.

Maar vandaag, we horen onze favoriete muziek reizen in een trein, het rijden door een onderzeese tunnel, die in een park vol met andere sporters, enz.. De ruis is aanwezig om ons heen.

Ook moeten we beseffen dat we onze eisen voor kwaliteit en standaardisering van de omvang, wij zijn gewend om met spelers die een betere geluidskwaliteit. Vandaag hebben we een norm voor een kwaliteit die veel hoger is dan de norm die bestonden op het moment van dit geïdealiseerd scène die we al eerder zagen: een persoon zit rustig in huis, genieten van de muziek op een vinyl LP, terwijl u op de cover van de LP.

Om muziek af te spelen in de moderne hoogwaardige apparaten die momenteel bestaan, moeten we “tweaken” die oude opnamen van geluid, het versterken van de lage, midden en hoge tonen.

Momenteel is het niet genoeg om de nummer een, met een totale toename in volume. Onze hoge normen vereisen een moderne en efficiënte proces van normalisatie van het volume. Dus moeten we versterken en verwerken elk frame onafhankelijk. De verhoging van de lage frequenties waar nodig, bevestiging van de hoge noten soms verduidelijken en benadrukken de stem in een nummer … Kortom, we hebben een proces van normalisatie in overeenstemming met de hoge kwaliteit muziek afspelen apparaten die we gebruiken vandaag.

Evenmin mogen we niet vergeten de rumoerige omgeving waarin wij leven in onszelf.


Bass Boost


Mp3Doctor PRO kan versterking van de bas, verrijking van de ervaring van het luisteren ritme, Latin, jazz, salsa, rock en dance muziek, onder andere genres.

Misschien is het woord dat het best beschrijft dit proces is geoptimaliseerd normaliseren.

mp3 normalizer - mp3gain

Mp3Doctor PRO vergroot de ritmische en percussieve (drums) delen, verhoogt het volume krijgen in de bas, de middelste frequenties zijn geretoucheerd om de “aanwezigheid” van de stemmen en om de definitie van de instrumenten, zoals piano’s, gitaren, violen. Een van de opvallendste voordelen is dat je duidelijk kan waarnemen elk van deze muziekinstrumenten die zijn toegenomen en gedefinieerd; niet langer klinkende randen, vervormd of verward.
De hogere noten van het lied zal ‘glans op haar eigen’ na de normalisatie.

Wat zijn de methoden die we gebruikt voor de nadere uitwerking, gelijk en optimaliseren met verschillende niveaus van de verschillende instrumenten van elke song? Een zeer moderne normaalgloeien algoritme, dat zijn meestal gedaan beeld voor beeld (44100 per seconde gemiddelde).

Het resultaat zal zijn, zodat u niet nog meer te bewegen de volumeregelaar op uw mp3-speler met elke song afgespeeld.


Hoe moeilijk is het gebruik van Mp3Doctor PRO? De leercurve is hard?


U hoeft niet te worden van een audio-ingenieur voor het gebruik van de Mp3Doctor PRO. In feite is het heel eenvoudig te gebruiken. U hoeft alleen voor het laden van het mp3-bestand en druk op een knop, dat is het.


Moet ik een aantal specifieke kennis om inzicht te krijgen in de verschillende audio-instellingen van Mp3Doctor PRO?


Nee, nogmaals, alleen moeten kunnen druk op een knop. Dat is alles. Je drukt op een knop en de software draait automatisch, niets meer nodig. Misschien is de enige vereiste is dat u ontspannen en genieten van uw favoriete muziek.

Mp3Doctor PRO is de nieuwe hoogconjunctuur in termen van goed kwaliteit. Onmisbare metgezel als je het afspelen van digitale audio in draagbare apparaten zoals mp3-spelers, MP4-spelers, memory sticks, walkmans, draagbare mp3-speler in je auto, enz.. De software is ook geschikt en onmisbaar voor desktop computers en laptops.

Het zal je niet meer te voortdurend aanpassen van het volume schuifje bij het afspelen van MP3’s. U hoort instrumenten die nog niet eerder opgevallen.

Elke song zal in combinatie met het einde van het vorige nummer in een vlotte en perfecte manier.

Ook kunt u het tempo of de toonhoogte als je wilt een professionele DJ. Variaties in de hoeveelheid winst zal geen pijn.

Als een nummer begint met een zachte, lage volume, dit deel zal het volume adequaat zonder dat daardoor verstorend anderen delen die al een hogere of voldoende volume. Elk onderdeel van elke song zal heel hoorbaar, met de juiste volume.

Zonder de dynamiek van elk nummer, de omvang van elk deel wordt het meest geschikt voor een optimale reproductie

mp3 geluids niveau, mp3 geluidsniveau

Volume Boost – Volume Booster

Volume Boost.

Without any question, one of the hottest needs of the mp3 users are to find a way to Boost the Volume level of any mp3 file.

The situation is very common and well known: When you listen to your mp3 files, you find that the volume levels are quite uneven.  Then you discover that you need to boost the volume level.

…After some time, and some pain (trying different solutions), you learn that its not only a matter of boost the volume level, but that you need to normalize it, optimize it.

Then, finally you get into Mp3Doctor PRO and find that its exactly what you was looking for, because it standardize the volume level of all your mp3 collection, and at the same time, let you equalize it and maybe even change the pitch or change the tempo.

Volume Boost – Volume Booster

No matter if you plan to listen your music on your PC or using headphones, or maybe in a portable device, on your car audio system or by any other way, it will sound great,

This text has been automatically translated from a central european language.

Mp3 Normalizer Mp3 Volume boost

Mp3 Normalizer

Everybody have felt sometimes that by playing our mp3 files, the volume levels do not match.

Some songs have a higher volume than others. Therefore, when playing our mp3 files on the audio player, the result is unpleasant. We are forced to manually raise and lower the volume level.
To remedy this, the best option is to use Mp3Doctor PRO.
But less see how it works and why it does it better than other options.
The old fashion method of normalizing (not used by Mp3Doctor) just seeks for the volume peaks of each mp3 file and then amplify all the volume with the same rate.  Per example, if the peak could be amplified by 3%, then all the file is amplified at the same 3%.  Thats is a very naive method.
Of course, this method is not suitable if what you are trying is that the volume level of each song is the optimal.
There are other methods, but they are just extensions of this method described here and suffer the same flaws.
Mp3Doctor PRO uses a new approach. It analyzes every millisecond of every song and, based on complex mathematical curves, optimize the volume level of each millisecond. Thus, the end result is impressive.
Let watch and example of what we are talking about, prepare yourself to get amazed:

If you listen carefully you will notice that its not only a matter of amplifiying the volume level. Not at all. What Mp3Doctor PRO achieves is pushing more the secondary voices (male voices) that the main ones. Everything sounds clearer, better and even equalized. But, thats not all…

Mp3Doctor PRO makes possible that some sounds (like secondary voices) sounds with more presence. Of course, the main voices sounds much better thatn the original file. Listen again the video and enjoy the difference betwen the original file and normalized (and equalized one)!

Downnload the trial version of Mp3Doctor PRO and give it a try… enjoy the results!

This text has been automatically translated from a central european language to english language.

Mp3 Encoder – Why we need to encode an audio file?

Why we need to encode an audio file?

To answer this question, it is necessary to first explain the meaning of the term mp3 encoder.

An audio file of high quality take much space on your hard drive. Certainly, it has very good sound, but it’s too big. These wav files occupy much space on your hard disk, thats why even devices with a large memory can’t contain many audio files without encoding.

Mp3 Encoder, which is the meaning of that term?

According to wikipedia, encoder means:

An encoder is a device, circuit, transducer, software program, algorithm or person that converts information from one format, or code to another, for the purposes of standardization, speed, secrecy, security, or saving space by shrinking size.

Then in the case of music files, mp3 encoder means to convert a wav file into an MP3 file, with the purpose to compress its size.
The question would be: but, when compressing a wav file, you will not lose part of their quality?
To compress a file is necessary to get rid of some of the information. Usually have less information means losing ‘details’, ie, have a lower resolution or quality.
The Mp3 format is able to compress the music files, without losing too much quality. That is why the MP3 format became so popular.
The use in MP3 of a lossy compression algorithm is designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording and still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio for most listeners.  An MP3 file that is created using the mid-range bit rate setting of 128 kbit/s will result in a file that is typically about 1/10th the size of the CD file created from the original audio source.
So, we understand that by encoding a wav file to mp3 we save disc space but maintain a good quality.

This text has been automatically translated from a central european language to english language.


Mp3Doctor have 8544
Twitter followers.

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