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Mp3 Doctor, the latest audio normalizer.

Mp3 Doctor, the latest audio normalizer.

That’s right, the Mp3Doctor PRO version 2 offers, first, the normalization algorithm more stable, efficient and modern. Whereupon the volume of all audio files (remember Mp3Doctor PRO 2 not only normalizes mp3s, but the most common audio formats: mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, ac3 wav &.) Stay with the same loudness, both among all the songs and between all passages or parts of a song.
We were a thing of the distant past aquellosa normalizer times when trying unsuccessfully to amplify all levels of volume based on the peaks of the song.
Mp3Doctor PRO 2 utilizes the most modern and sophisticated algorithm that allows you to match the loudness of all the songs equally, but also that of all the passages of each song. Even better will help highlight each voice, each instrument and sound, making listening to their songs more enjoyable by increasing the quality of the reproduction.

Mp3Doctor PRO 2 does not need labels Replay Gain, so it works on any player, whether on a computer, portable device or burn songs to a CD.

Do you test and download the trial version of Mp3Doctor PRO 2 and enjoy the best possible normalization of the world.

Mp3Skull downloaded files sound better with Mp3Doctor PRO

Mp3Skull downloaded files sound better with Mp3Doctor PRO

We all remember Napster as it was a boom that shook from head to toe internet.
Beyond the legal issues (we do not support any kind of piracy or copyright violation) we observe another phenomenon: people had originated much trouble in the volume of mp3s.
This is because at the end of the day, a person ends up having a great canoidad of mp3s, all coming from different sources and thus, they are encoded by different encoders and settings (bitrate, samplerate, etc.) different.
The result is that they have markedly different volumes and end up ruining a collection of mp3s if not corrected this problem.

Today, for our own users comments, discover that remain sopresivamente download sites mp3 files (Mp3Skull think they are called one of the most popular) and the aforementioned problem referred to uneven volume levels between mp3s, still exists.


Anyone who downloads their archviso Mp3Skull or sites of that kind, or obtained by any means, its sources as varied archviso encntrara is always the same problem: these mp3s sounded with a different volume, and will need to normalize these mp3s to correct the problem and have a volume evenly among all its mp3s.

Mp3Doctor PRO is the ideal solution for this class of situation is where a person finds that his collection of mp3s sound at different volumes, making it unpleasant to be qu reproducciono force him to manipulate the volume control with each new mp3.
Mp3Doctor offers further interesting and useful features such as mp3s to equalize the sound better, and also offers the possibility to do resample, adjust the tempo (without cambiart the pitch) or change the pitch without changing the tempo, things that are very useful.

In short we will tell you if you feel a disparity between the volume of mp3s, likely due to that achieved from many different sources and this means that different coders were used and different settings for convrtirlos MP3, which brings as a result these volume differences between mp3s.
And that the solution is to use Mp3Doctor PRO (if only has mp3s) or Mp3Doctor PRO2 (if you also use other formats like FLAC, Ogg, M4a, AAC, etc..

We invite you to download a trial version of the software and test it at home, we are confident that the results will please even surprise you and solve your problem of disparity between volumes between mp3 or music files.



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