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Audio normalization – Volume Booster

Audio normalization – Volume Booster

The name of the game may well be the one seen in the title of this post .
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This is what people expect from MP3Doctor PRO2 , is what we have given in the last years . It is how they expect to control the volume of your mp3s (and other popular file formats.)

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And we will continue providing our clients are looking for and what Mque not find in any other software on the planet earth.


MP3Doctor PRO2 is the solution of this century to normalize .

MP3Doctor PRO2 is the solution of this century to normalize .

A few years ago , is in the last century ( until 1999 ) or from 2000, and was the community of Internet users looking for a solution to normalize the volume level of the mp3s .
MP3Doctor was released in its first version in 2001 and since then we have been developing increasingly better solutions, more in keeping with the times and the equipment available.
Today we have lots of disk space, so the compression is no longer a priority. We also have bandwidth that was unimaginable 10 years ago , which makes us also note that the file size ( and therefore compression ) is not the highest priority , as it was 10 or 12 years ago ago .

On the other hand , we have many different players, some are smart phones , others are tablets, other laptops, other portable players and others are more players are running on desktop computers. Added to this , we have a quality and never before imagined , so today we put the priority on quality, rather than on the size of the mp3 or other format used.

After all these years of careful study, we have succeeded in shaping a computer algorithm, rather complex, but also very efficient, offering results that surprise many people who had no idea that they could get similar quality of normalization in digital audio, either in mp3 formats or any other popular format.

Of course not base our algorithm on simple things like volume spikes, that’s something completely obsolete archaic stay with our more recent approaches.

Our results are so good that the broadcasting industry, the television stations and many media as well as DJs and even scientists have used our software, which is the only one able to provide similar results.

Our software provides additional options from the same Replay Gain (which is not enabled by default), to the possibility of equalizing the frequencies of each mp3 (or other formats) permanently, in order to improve its quality. You can also change the pitch without affecting the speed and vice versa.



Volume Normalizer – Mp3Doctor PRO 2

Volume Normalizer – Mp3Doctor PRO 2


The Mp3Doctor PRO 2 normalizes mp3s, is a mp3 normalizer, but also normalizes other audio formats, the most popular (mp3 normalizer, mp2 Normalizer, FLAC normalizer, ogg normalizer, m4a normalizer, aac normalizer, wav normalizer, ac3 normalizer) which makes it a unique product in the market. No other normalizer that is able to normalize many audio formats.

There was some time where everyone used only mp3s, but with the emergence of new audio capabilities in modern equipment and the increase in quality that implies. Many people have moved to formats like FLAC or Ogg.
Also, the use of equipment such as iPod or iTunes software, have made many people use other formats such as m4a, for example.

Just as the Internet Explorer stopped being the only option on the market and other browsers have gained ground, such as Chrome or FireFox. So too has happened with mp3, happened to be the only audio format used for “portable” or exchange, to be in the situation where other formats have been gaining ground and therefore needed a normalizer to quality previously recognized Mp3Doctor PRO, but could normalize other formats.

This is how it arises Mp3Doctor PRO 2 is truly a revolution and has been received with great interest, because it has a normalization algorithm mejroado, which lets you highlight individually each sound, voice or instrument of a recording, you can also add Replay Gain if any user wishes and of course has other features already offered the Mp3Doctor PRO:

– Standardization
-Modification of the pitch without affecting elk tempo (speed, bpm)
-Change the tempo (speed up or slow down the beats per minute) without affecting the pitch

All this built to keep the tags of each format (artist name, cover, etc.) when the file is not normalized count on these tags.


The best that you can and should do is download the trial version of the software and try it on your computer. Soon you will see what is really acquires pormque delighted with the results.
So you adds the latest technology to standardize digital music, technology, 2013. Mp3 Normalizer 2013.


Normalize all your mp3s with Mp3Doctor PRO

Normalize all your mp3s with Mp3Doctor PRO

Are you bored of making records with their favorite MP3s CDs and listen to these CDs are uneven and different volume level each mp3?
Tired of raising and lowering the volume control as each new song sounds, or strong, or a very low volume?

This is almost a sign of our times, most people pasrte who collects mp3s ends up realizing that there is a volume problem and find a solution.

Mp3 Normalizer

For about 10 years or more, emerged as the first concepts normalize the volume of a song so that it sounded more at least a similar amount each individual music files.

The first sinned naive algorithms and its methods were somewhat rustic. The idea obviously volume peak is long gone and fell into disuse as inefficient.

Now with Mp3Doctor PRO have a new generation mp3 normalizers, methods and algorithms using much more sophisticated and offer more satisfactory results and even amazing.

Now comes the third generation of normalizing, where there is the possibility to normalize flac, normalize, ogg, ape normalize, normalize aac, normalizer m4a, ac3 normalize, normalize mp3, normalize flv, webm normalizae, normalize mpeg, avi normalize and even more .

Mp3Doctor PRO is a great software that after using it seems imperative for everyone. And when I say I mean essential imperative. The role is to normalize the audio.
You might think that since editing programs bring an option to normalize. I assure you that no point of comparison. Mp3Doctor PRO is much more powerful. Leave volumes voices very even, low sounds are high for the same volume, and ultimately leaves everything to hear the audio smoothly. I can assure that by simply spending my audios Mp3Doctor PRO have gained in quality. My only regret is not having used it before.


Look attentively the two forms of audio shown below, which of the two ustede believes that sounds louder?

On the lt is higher peaks, so that anyone could think it sounds louder. But it is not, in fact, the right one sounds a lot stronger, a much higher volume.
The left  image corresponds to a recording of a single human voice. The right corresponds to a heavy metal song.

The contour or shape of a form indicates simplmentela tension, not elvolumen. The tension is measuring oscilloscopes. The volume, however, is related to the signal POWER. The tension seems to be a stronger signal sounds, the POWER is actually sounds harder.

The density of the image corresponding to the heavy metal is what would represent more or less power. the boundary area between the waveform and the horizontal axis.

In the zoom level in this example, the volume or less correlates with the density of the blue color. The higher density of the signal on the left side suggests that will be stronger.

Once again we see that the theory of peak volmen not work, denies the very physical.

That’s why we say that the Mp3Doctor PRO is a second generation of normalizing and that the forthcoming new version belongs to the third generation.
The purchaser may obtain Mp3Doctor today for a minimum the update to the new version, will make a good business and will get a good solution to the problem of volume in mp3s.


Mp3Doctor have 8544
Twitter followers.

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