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MP3Doctor PRO 2 normalizes the mp3s one by one or in batch

MP3Doctor PRO 2 normalizes the mp3s one by one or in batch

Many people we questioned whether for an mp3 normalizer in MP3Doctor PRO 2 is necessary that this software will “shop” with other archiuvos the same CD or other CDs and the answer is simple:
No, the MP3Doctor PROI 2 can normalize a lot of files, in batch, but no need to compare the loudness of each other.

MP3Doctor PRO 2 is a software that optimizes the maximum the quality and volume of each file independently. Although the end result loudness levels will be almost identical, it is necessary to compare because Mp3Doc tor PRO 2 it actually does is optimize each of the 7 or 8 million frames that make an mp3 and makes minimum in 10 different frequencies (thus otpimiza as 70 or 80 million records), making each one reaches its most optimal level.

It’s as if all the music had been recorded and mixed in the same studio at the same time and with the same sound engineers, so loudness levels are so similar once they have been normalized by the MP3Doctor PRO 2.

MP3Doctor PRO 2 offers the highest range of algorithms for better and more professional volume normalization.

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Mp3Doctor is best known Normalizer in Windows

Mp3Doctor is best known Normalizer in Windows

Through the years Mp3Doctor PRO has become the number # 1 normalizer windows, the most reliable, the most solid, the most robust, which gives better results.

Its product range is extensive with its brother programs  Mp4Gain and MP3Gain PRO.

Now we release Mp3Doctor PRO 2, which is not exactly a new version of Mp3Doctor PRO, but a standalone product, with marked differences, which basically is the ability to normalize a set of formats (the most popular) audio, with the quality Mp3Doctor PRO makes for mp3s.

This audio formats are:

mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, ac3 and wav.

You can download the trial version of Mp3Doctor PRO 2 and test it on your computer, you will surely love.

Mp3 Doctor, the latest audio normalizer.

Mp3 Doctor, the latest audio normalizer.

That’s right, the Mp3Doctor PRO version 2 offers, first, the normalization algorithm more stable, efficient and modern. Whereupon the volume of all audio files (remember Mp3Doctor PRO 2 not only normalizes mp3s, but the most common audio formats: mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, ac3 wav &.) Stay with the same loudness, both among all the songs and between all passages or parts of a song.
We were a thing of the distant past aquellosa normalizer times when trying unsuccessfully to amplify all levels of volume based on the peaks of the song.
Mp3Doctor PRO 2 utilizes the most modern and sophisticated algorithm that allows you to match the loudness of all the songs equally, but also that of all the passages of each song. Even better will help highlight each voice, each instrument and sound, making listening to their songs more enjoyable by increasing the quality of the reproduction.

Mp3Doctor PRO 2 does not need labels Replay Gain, so it works on any player, whether on a computer, portable device or burn songs to a CD.

Do you test and download the trial version of Mp3Doctor PRO 2 and enjoy the best possible normalization of the world.

Mp3Doctor PRO 2, the new standard for mp3 normalizers

Mp3Doctor PRO 2, the new standard for mp3 normalizers

Until the appearance on the market of Mp3Doctor PRO 2 software, standardization generally only mp3s to any format and eventually more. Now are enough qu formats can be normalized, at least, are the most popular formats such as mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, ac3 and wav.

These mentioned formats (mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, ac3 and wav) can be normalized to the same quality with which Mp3Doctor PRO noamliza mp3 files.

That is, not only equals their audio volumes, but actually optimizes the volume, getting to sound different, better, that no insdtrumentos, voices, or low-volume passages. More or less is the result you get with expensive equipment in major FM radio stations. for example.


By the loudness is not necessarily synonymous with volume agin, but also must have a balance of sounds that make up the whole that is the song. There are many factors at play realidadf and so the normalization of Mp3Doctor PRO 2 sound different, sound better.

In a recording can also accentuate certain frequencies with an equalizer as having integrated Mp3Doctor PRO 2 and this will also improve quality.




Mp3Skull: Mp3Doctor PRO is the mp3 normalizer for Mp3Skull?

Mp3Skull: Mp3Doctor PRO is the mp3 normalizer for Mp3Skull?


Not that Mp3Doctor Mp3Doctor PRO or PRO 2 are specific programs for Mp3Skull, but are specific to those who have collected a lot of mp3s (or mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, wav, ac3 in if Mp3Doctor PRO 2 and want to normalize the volume of those digital songs, or digital recording, as there are always songs, sometimes speeches, sermons, nature recordings, conversations, etc..
Then, if we mention Mp3Skulll is to put the perfect example of a way to get digital audio files, mp3s here, they will not have the same volume, they come from different sources and samplerates surely bitratesd diferenmtes too.
In that scenario, Mp3Doctor Mp3Doctor PRO or PRO 2 is the ideal solution to meet the volume of mp3s or other music formats, and they get really a remarkable improvement both in the same song (eliminating the defect of some musical passages very loud sound or other at very low volume) and matching the volume level of all your music files.

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Mp3 Normalizer: Mp3Doctor PRO 2

Mp3 Normalizer: Mp3Doctor PRO 2


The latest version of Mp3Doctor PRO 2 is able to normalize mp3s of course, but also can normalizr the volume of other popular formats such as mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, wav, ac3. Which I convieerte undoubtedly, in normalizing market more complete.
Furthermore, the quality of normalization is unmatched as the only normalizer that optimizes volume each millonews of frames containing your music library.
Of course outdated concepts such as volume spikes normalize obsolete and superseded by this new advanced algorithm for Standardization.
You have the option of inlcuir Replay Gain if USTD desired, the normalizer pro replay gain does not depend on, is able to normalize in the most eficdiente volume lograhndo songs that the song itself be modified so that you can enjoy in the normalization any player, in your car, portable, recording a CD or DVD, etc.



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Mp3 Normalizer: Mp3Doctor PRO the most successful and efficient Mp3 Normalizer

Mp3 Normalizer: Mp3Doctor PRO the most successful and efficient Mp3 Normalizer


Mp3Doctor PRO 2 has become in a short time, no doubt, in the normalizer of music files, that has been more successful and better reception.

On one side is getting normalize many music formats, which no other software offers. This reason has made the Mp3Doctor PRO version 2 have a great success and a huge demand from aificionados, FM radio stations, DJs, and anyone who plays music regularly and needs to normalize the volume of mp3s, acc, m4a , etc.

On the other hand the formula to normalize the volume of mp3s and other formats (such as FLAC, Ogg, AC3, etc.) is well advanced in the Mp3Doctor PRO 2 so that the volume of all the songs is optimized so that all sound the same volume and no more parts with low volume or silent or excessively high volume peaks.

What everyone who has a good collection of music needs, in terms of quality and match tweak the volume of mp3s and other formats (all popular audio formats) it is in the Mp3Doctor PRO 2.

The software, in addition to being the brightest mp3 normalizer, offers the option of changing the pitch or tempo of the songs, plus tweak the sound with a very efficient equalizer.

When a music file collection growing, immediately able to perceive that one of the main problems is the volume difference between mp3s (or any other popular audio format) and is therefore essential to find a good mp3 normalizer.
Now, in these times, it is often also necesari normnalizar other audio formats and Mp3Doctor PRO 2 offers that possibility.
In addition, there is also software that can normalize volume of the main video formats, other than the main audio formayos.

This means that if you need to normalize audio volume elo songs, choose the Mp3Doctor PRO 2, but if you need further normalize audio volume cvideos plus songs, choose the Mp4Gain (on site

In short, Mp3Doctor PRO 2 has achieved what no other mp3 normalizer had achieved and also has been able to expand the ability to normalize all popular audio formats. (mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, wav, ac3), for his collection of sounds that way all the same volume, with the best quality and the best sound.

Try it, it’s simple, download the trial version of the software and test it on your own computer with your own music files.


Sound Quality Enhancer

Sound Quality Enhancer


Enhancing the quality of a sound file (mp3 spund quality enhancer, mp2 spund quality enhancer, flac spund quality enhancer, ogg spund quality enhancer, enhancer quality spund m4a, aac spund quality enhancer, enhancer quality spund wav, ac3 spund quality enhancer, etc. ) is, firstly, to normalize the volume of each digital audio file.
This means ensuring that all digital files (mp3, mp2, aac, m4a, ac3, etc) have identical volume and second, that internally all the songs have a perfectly clear and audible volume, in all places and in all their instruments and voices. That is, in short, make every song is audible, the best possible volume, every millisecond.

When you can boost the volume, Enhancing the quality of the file, you get results that are heard nitidfos, well one can distinguish the instruments and vocals and the quality is superior.

Incidentally, at the same time, you can accomplish using the Mp3Doctor PRO 2, which all have a high bitrate and samplerate, loq ue will further help you to have a high quality audio. It is true that the higher bitrate and samplerate file will take up more space, but it is worth using a few megabytes more in exchange for higher quality.

Even Mp3Doctor Mp3Doctor PRO and PRO (the difference is that the version 2 allows more audio formats standardize and normalize mp3s verion 1 only) let you equalize digital audio files to further enhance sound quality, giving touches to some recordings, etc..

Volume and quality enhancer is something that is part of Mp3Doctor Mp3Doctor PRO and PRO2.

You will not be a espoecialista necesits in acoustic or digital audio, or study a rocket science to easily handle any version of PRO Mp3Doctor. It’s simple to use, the learning curve is reduced to a few minutes we have paid much attention to ensure that the program is intuitive and simple to use and yet provide results of last generation, with an unparalleled audio quality.

Therefore, enhancing the audio quality is something that you will easily get to Mp3Doctyor PRO. On one hand, the volume normalizing der all music files on the other evening and standardizing the sound quality and reproduction.
You download the trial version of the software and test, you will be delighted with the results.

With Mp3Doctor PRO (ejn both versions) you can process a single file or an entire digital music batch, all with a single click of a button, so simple, does not need more complexity and yet you will get a quality enhanced in files digital music.


Mp4 Gain is almost released

 Mp4 Gain is almost released

For a long time people came asking us, first we add more formats in addition to the mp3. So we decided to launch the Mp3Doctor PRO 2 that can normalize many more formats (mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, acc, wav, ac3).

But people also asked us software that can normalize audio mp4 video files, flv, 3gp, etc.

Well, that moment is about to arrive. This week we will launch for sale lamado Mp4Gain software whose website is located at Mp4Gain and may in addition to normalize audio files of the following formats: mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, acc, wav, ac3 .. . also the video of the following fomatos: mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, acc, wav, ac3.

As usual in our software, you can also equalize, to trim, change the pitch or tempo.

Normalize Audio: Mp3Doctor PRO 2

Normalize Audio: Mp3Doctor PRO 2

It’s pretty simple normalize audio files of different formats in the new Mp3Doctor PRO 2.

Just load a directory Compleo, to perform batch audio normalization.

There are a variety of audio formats that can be standardized with Mp3Doctor sr PRO 2




Mp3,Wav,FLAC,Ogg,M4a,AC3,Mp2,AAC formats can be handled by Mp3Doctor PRO 2.

This new program is perfectly possible to match the volume of all audio files of these formats, with one click, very simple, but getting an amazing result with very high quality audio.

For the modern volume normalization algorithm is not based on the peaks, but actually processes and optimizes each of the several million frames that has your sound file.

Before there was talk of normalizing mp3s, even our Mp3Doctor PRO software is dedicated exclusively to mp3.
But these days, with so many new formats and the emergence of iTunes and iPod, it becomes necessary to expand and offer all the features of the PRO Mp3Doctor but expanded number of formats.

You can choose the format that suits you needs and wishes or is compatible with other software or computer (like the iPod) and yet Mp3Doctor PRO 2, your best option will be to match the volume level as any other device or software can offer.

We have an experience that began in the year 200 with the Mp3Doctor, which evolved into the Mp3Doctor PRO and now add the Mp3Doctor PRO 2, which offers exactly the same features like equalizer to enhance the quality of the audio, change the pitch without affecting the tempo (beats per minute) or vice versa, change the tempo (speed up or slow down a melody) without affecting its pitch.
A whole gamma of possibilities to improve their coleccionmusical, achieve a level of equal volume and increase quality.

We invite you to download the trial version Mp3Doctor PRO2, install it on your computer and test, try some of their audio files in any of the formats supported by the software, to discover their music, not it may just sound all the same volume, with the same quality, with the same tone, but with improvements.

The initial need for you, it might be just equal the volume of digital songs, but you will encounter more possibilities using 2LO PRO Mp3Doctor that will be a nice addition to completely solve your needs.

Download the trial version and proved the improvement and clear, that the volume level problem is solved completely.


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