How to adjust or boost the volume of your mp3s

Over the years, MP3s have become the standard file format for the compression of music. It is able to retain its CD quality because it removes frequencies that are unable to be heard by humans while remaining about 10% the size of an average WAV file. With that said, not all mp3 files are made alike. Sometimes you would find yourself in the car, playing your mp3 cd when a song would come on that is so loud that youíd have to desperately search for the volume controls before your head would explode. Likewise, sometimes a song would play that even if you turn up the volume to the max, you would still have a difficult time hearing.

This problem can be fixed my using a technique called normalization. What this does is that it adjusts the mp3 so the peak level will just arrive at 0db. This can sometimes cause noise to enter into the recording if the recording levels are too low. There are many software on the market that can fix this sort of problem such as BIASís Deck for OS X or MP3 Doctor Pro for Windows. These programs analyze your mp3 files so that they all have the same, uniform volume. None is too high and none is too low. The great thing with these type of software is that your mp3 will experience virtually no loss in quality and that is because the program adjusts the files without having to decode and re-encode the mp3 files. Instead, they adjust the mp3 files directly. Using these type of software can be a fairly simple process.

You will need to open the software and then browse for your mp3 files so that you can add them to the software so that they can be processed. After you have done that, you can decide what volume you want all the files to be. You can let the software use itís own default level or you can choose your own if you have experience in working with decibel figures. After that, you simply tell the program to process your mp3 files and wait until it is done. If you are not satisfies with the result, you can undo your changes or simply change the decibel settings to a higher or lower value. Not only can these software normalize the volume of your mp3 collection, but they can be used to normalize your home recordings as well.

Now you can listen to your favorite music without having to worry about one being too loud or another one being too low. If you are not satisfied with any of the software suggested in this article, you can check out other more expensive commercial software such as Adobe Audition, which has even more features and options. octor PRO has taken as one of its functions (which is dedicated to the normalization) and level adjusting each of the 44.100 samples per second that has an mp3, Some will have a volume booster, others simply change volume, but even other lower the volume, some increase volume ... Each part of an mp3 is fair treatment for the best sound volume.

That is, Mp3Doctor PRO not only increase volume level but optimizes it. The intention is that every part of every mp3 sound volume at the best possible and that you can play together all your mp3s without having jumps in volume.

The method that Mp3Doctor PRO uses to determine the percentage of volume amplification or increased volume required for each frame of the mp3 is unique and therefore produces such amazing results.

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