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Increase Volume Level is one of the most searched features in Internet today. The reason is quite simple: the large number of MP3 encoders available, led to a different volume for each mp3, since there was not a standard on how to handle the volume. Each encoder made ??a mess with the volume. This causes that if we have hundreds or thousands of mp3s from different sources, therefore encoded with different encoders surely, surely will have different volumes.

Mp3 Volume

Having hundreds or thousands of mp3s with volumes as diverse causes a problem when you play the mp3 in the car, home, portable player, etc.. Therefore, people have turned to find a way to bring about uniformity in the volume of mp3.

Mp3 Normalizers, volume boosters, increase volume, volume enhancer software ...

You name it, there are thousands of ways and different names, to name a new and unknown need.
My parents and my grandparents did not know it's an mp3 normalizer or mp3gain. So while we agree on whether to call mp3 normalizers, we must also agree on their function.

Mp3Doctor PRO has taken as one of its functions (which is dedicated to the normalization) and level adjusting each of the 44.100 samples per second that has an mp3, Some will have a volume booster, others simply change volume, but even other lower the volume, some increase volume ... Each part of an mp3 is fair treatment for the best sound volume.

That is, Mp3Doctor PRO not only increase volume level but optimizes it. The intention is that every part of every mp3 sound volume at the best possible and that you can play together all your mp3s without having jumps in volume.

The method that Mp3Doctor PRO uses to determine the percentage of volume amplification or increased volume required for each frame of the mp3 is unique and therefore produces such amazing results.

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