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In the working window of MP3 Doctor PRO have a player with which you listen to the mp3s in their original volume and the volume obtained after normalization of the songs. There are two ways to adjust the volume of the MP3, with the "Auto normalize" or "Normalize" with the slider to set the levels manually.

The idea of ??using MP3 Doctor PRO should be considered when you keep raising or lowering the volume of certain songs mp3, sticky situation that interrupts the reproduction of the same fluid.

Normalize the audio with the program only requires a click Mp3 Doctor PRO. Mp3 Doctor Pro is a software volume normalizer easy to use. Normally just click a button to get a optimized volume level in any mp3 file.

However, it has more complex options, which allow fine tuning, with maximum detail to normalize the level of volume gain of any mp3. For example, EQ, trim, change the pitch and tempo modifical.

Mp3 Doctor Pro offers ease of use with advanced options to enable efficient standardization of a mp3 volume.

Of course, Mp3 Doctor PRO can process a single mp3 file or can process hundreds of files (batch normalize).

You can download the trial version of Mp3 Doctor PRO, to enjoy the results of our product. All mp3 files have a similar volume, optimized and ideal for any audio player.

PRO has recently been launched Mp3 Doctor, what is still developing this site. Anyway you can download the trial version and buy the product, if desired. Finally mention the ability to equalize, which give a new sound to your MP3s.

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Download Mp3Doctor PRO