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Sometimes when trying to upload an mp3 file online or send it to a friend the capabilities of the software limit the kind of file types that can be sent. This means you have to try and encode or decode your mp3 into another, often tampering with the quality and audio information of the file. Sometimes changing the mp3 volume or not properly normalizing the mp3 in the process. It's hard to find a program that can edit mp3's without hurting the quality of the original as well as having an easy to use, simple interface. Usually these programs come with a clunky interface and poor functionality, limiting the user. But in this day an age it should not be like this. With the great advancements in audio technology we should be able to have full control over our mp3 audio collection, from the volume, the channels used, and the file type. The ability to chop and change the audio we want, remove, speed up and reverse anything we want. But there just doesn't seem to be a program that can give us this kind of control.

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Now there's a program called MP3 Doctor Pro which allows you to get around these issues while creating the best end user experience. With MP3 Doctor Pro you can streamline your control over your mp3 collection easily and effectively. Now you can edit your mp3 with no loss of quality, you can use the volume booster to create music that can wake the neighbors without hurting the audio information in the process. There's a lot of programs out there that try and do what MP3 Doctor Pro does, but they fall short because of the specific algorithm that MP3 Doctor Pro uses. This specific algorithm helps normalise your mp3 audio collection by calculating the difference between the perceived loudness and the desired volume and shifts the audio frequencies accordingly, keeping the quality consistent and concise across all files. This stops the un wanted "clipping" of frequencies found frequently on files that have been in properly normalised. What happens is that while trying to normalise the levels of the song, it takes out or "clips" out the highest and lowest frequencies, leaving only but the mid range left.

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As well as creating a simple way to normalize your audio collection, MP3 Doctor Pro can also be used to edit and adjust certain parts of songs. Want to short clips of your favorite songs or want to put two songs together. Create a playlist for a party and mix your favorite songs. All in one easy to use program. Not too often does a program come along that give you the ability to change and edit your mp3's. To be able to adjust the volume and pitch of your target audio as well as being able to encode and decode to a variety of file types for any use you need. But now you can have fun and easily create the playlist of your dreams in MP3 Doctor Pro.

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