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Originally, when it began to burn digital sound forms were used formats such as WAV (owned by Microsoft and IBM) without compression, 44.100 samples by second and 16 bits. The quality offered was that of a CD, but ... there was a problem, one minute of recording consumes more or less 10 megabits. its very difficult to transfer such large files online. Thus arose the Mp3, compressing the information, to save space, but the information had to be removed to save space, this information is deleted is aurally imperceptible to the human ear or redundant information.

It happened that appeared dozens of MP3 encoder, with each handling at your leisure and convenience the question of volume. That is why one sees large differences in volume between a song and play another if the mp3 format.

Mp3 Volume and Mp3 Normalizer

This in turn forced the emergence of solutions to try to level the volume. Initially it was rustic solutions and the results were poor, but over time evolved to reach more refined solution, which is the Mp3Doctor PRO, whose normalization back to those 44.100 frames per second, making leveling go a thousand times the volume second, to its most optimal.

Finally, it has become a very common problem: who has a collection of mp3s, usually also have problems to normalize volume levels. There begins the search for mp3 normalizers, volume boosters, volume increasers, etc.. The user searches for solution unsuccessfully over and over without finding one that actually achieves optimize the volume of each song, until it gets its hands on a copy of Mp3Doctor PRO.

Also the user has the option of using the equalizer that is included in the Mp3Doctor, which can easily match the sound of old recordings and new ones.

Today, far from those years, different encoders even handle different bitrates and sample rates, which makes even further the problem of maintaining a uniform quality and volume. There is a disparity of volumes, bitrates, sample rates and coders, who managed to get the mp3s yhan usually have large differences in quality and volume. The only option is to normalize the mp3s are trying to standardize all these elements. Mp3Doctor PRO is a specialist, not only in handling the volume, but can also standardize the bitrate and samplerate. Thus the volume of the mp3 will be more level.

For samplerate mean the number of samples taken per second, there are 22.050 48.00 44.100 and 44.100 to be that of the standard CDs. The more samplerates per second will have a better quality of sound. It is impossible qe a 22.050 44.100 sound like one. The Bitrate is the unit of measure of data transfer rate of reading an MP3 file. The higher bitrate is an MP3 file, the greater the amount of data that a player can get in the unit time (second). The more content or quality instrumental contains an MP3 audio file (sound effects, audio tracks recorded, high frequency, low, etc.). Higher transfer rate required to reproduce all the information, and here is where you define the quality of the MP3 file, as if to compress the file we reduce the bandwidth, we will be sacrificing some of these data, resulting in data loss if the end result will influence the MP3 conversion.

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