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I have recently had a lot of trouble finding a program that allows me to normalize the volume of a song correctly. A lot of songs on my computer are at different volumes and every time I turn up my volume on a quiet song I get hit over the head when a loud song comes on and it makes me deaf. The programs that I have used have a tendancy to cut out a lot of the information in the songs that I try to normalize and I am left with a poor sounding version of the song that is either too quiet, too loud or just plain bad and that leaves a lot to be desired.

Normalize the volume

The other day, I came across this MP3 normalizer called MP3 Doctor PRO which has been a savior for me and my music collection. MP3 Doctor PRO has allowed me to normalize the volume and balance my entire music library with a few clicks of the mouse. The thing I love about MP3 Doctor PRO is that it has the ability to normalize the volume over an entire album while keeping the context of the album alive. It does this by treating the entire album as one song which allows the program to normalize each song within the context of the album. Every other program that I have tried to do this with has treated each song individually and has created a very poor, un balanced album as a whole.


The reason that MP3 Doctor PRO is the best when it comes to normalization and adjusting of volume and audio levels is that it is based on a new algorithm. This algorithm works by measuring the difference between the percieved loudness of the audio and the desired level of the audio, it then normalizes the audio based on this calculation. Using this algorithm creates a well balanced and adjusted audio file that ins't too loud or too quiet while keeping all the information of the song intact and preserved.

Before I found MP3 Doctor PRO I had given up on trying to find a way to normalize my music library and was stuck adjusting the volume of each individual song manually and was getting fed up and annoyed with the un even balance of my music. After downloading MP3 Doctor for free and correcting my music library I was free to listen to all my music without the hassle and worry of terrible sounding audio. So if you were in the same position I was and want a remedy to the problem then give MP3 Doctor a go, it worked for me and it will work for you and your music collection too!

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