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Volume Enhancer

The primary function of using an mp3 normalizer is finally to improve the mp3s. Specifically Enhance the volume of the mp3.

It is often assumed that the function of an mp3 normalizer is just to increase the volume. But when we speak of "enhancer" we mean something broader than if it includes the volume, also includes things like shine to the highest notes or increase the power of the bass, per example. Over the years and with the emergence of MP3 players, more and more sophisticated. The function of the normalizer is broader than being just a volume booster to become a whole program dedicated to improving the mp3s.

Volume booster

Make a test, normalize a song with the Mp3Doctor PRO and you easily notice that the software does not only apply a volume booster, but actually changed dozens of variables, significantly improving the mp3.

The sound quality depends, of course, that the mp3 has an adequate volume, but depends in turn on a dozen other factors. That is the reason why Mp3Doctor PRO offers additional functions such as EQ, resample, trim, change tempo, pitch change, etc..

If you want to have consistent quality in all your mp3s, plus a constant volume. The best option is the Mp3Doctor PRO, which works very simply. Simply press a button and the Mp3Doctor PRO will work with a single mp3 or a batch normalizer, ie normalize hundreds of mp3s at a time.

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