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If you purchase one of our products, you will receive your key within 24 hours after your purchase. Make sure that your provider or your email client dont put our email (with your key) in the spam box.

If you want to ask a technical question or need some support (only registered users) then you can email us but dont forget to send the next info:

  1. Name
  2. Invoice or Order number
  3. Explain detailed the question or problem
  4. Detail which version of Mp3Doctor/Mp3Doctor PRO are you using
  5. Explain about which Mp3Doctor feature are you making a question
  6. Explain which file you was using (BitRate, SampleRate, etc), per example: an mp3 with 128 kbs and 44100 khz

Any email without the proper info will be ignored by our server..

We don't speak too much english as you may notice, but get sure that we will correct this file if you report some errors or if you help us :)




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