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Mp4Gain will be released in a few weeks: Mp4 Gain

Mp4Gain will be released in a few weeks: Mp4 Gain

After Releasing Mp3Doctor PRO2, that normalizes no just mp3 files but another important formats likes AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, etc. Now we are very close to rrlease Mp4Gain that will normalize the most important audio files PLUS the most important video files.

It will, ofcourse, normalize Mp4 files but will normalize flv, normalize 3gp, normalize mpeg, normalize AVI, etc.



Mp3Doctor PRO 2 is almost out (we are testing the BETA)

Fortunately we are at the stage of testing the Mp3Doctor PRO 2 (which is not a new version of Mp3Doctor PRO) but a different program.

Why and in which deiferencia?

This new program will handle the following formats:


You may normalize all these formats.

Will also have the equalizer, changing the tempo and pitch modification (without altering the tempo).

Besides the different formats retain their different tags, are APE format, Vorbis, ID3v1, ID3v2, etc..

It will also have the option to add replaygain ADICIONALde after normalization of Mp3Doctor PRO 2

For current users (registered) of the update will Mp3Doctor PRO symbolic nearly USD 10.

The price of Mp3Doctor PRO revolved around 38 dollars.

Keep us in the hope that we will soon have, if God allows noslo, good news.

Mp3Doctor PRO Crack Keygen Serial

Mp3Doctor PRO Crack Keygen Serial

You really need a crach, a serial, a generator of keys – keygen or serial?
Software development requires that users pay a fair price apyen.
Illegally download a program is piracy and at the end we all suffer.
Sincerely peinselo twice piratedadas keep searching options, for worse, are infected with viruses.

If you like the PRO Mp3Doctor support us with your purchase.

Thank you.

New Internal Search

Goto test it.

Now our users will be able to find the information in an easier way.


Mp3Doctor users feedback


great SoftWare! Nice to have!

My answers to your questions:

About Mp3 Doctor: luckily it was the subject evidenced in the first, second and third results – among millions ones – of a search by without constraints for these arguments: mp3 equalizza OR equalizzare OR equalizzatore OR equalize OR equalizer

About SuperMp3Normalizer: simply I read about it on WebSite

Best Regards.

Mp3Gain PRO will incorporate Mp3Gain algo

Yes, its on our plans to add, as an option, to incorporate the Glen Sawyer’s Mp3Gain algorithm to Mp3Gain PRO in a near future.

We had this on our plans since some time ago, but after talking with Glen this days (also let me point that Glen is a wonderfull guy!!) and having “green light” from him, we decide to start adding it soon.

It does not means that Glen is involved in Mp3Gain PRO, it just mean that he clarify some license points to us and allow us to incorporate his code as an addition to our software. Good News!!

What it does mean, is that Mp3Gain PRO will keep its optimized algorithm but ADD the option to normalize using Mp3Gain approach. So our users will have a complete package on their hands!

Mp3Gain home page

Thanks Glen for being a great guy! 🙂


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