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Mp3Doctor PRO 2 users review

Mp3Doctor PRO 2 users review


I was searching for a MP3 Normelize at Googel an find yours.
Test it with a crack and find it ver god an decide that it was
one of the best mp3 software I find at Inet and worth paying for.
And I think it is very cheep and user frendly software..

Best Regards

Håkan Frangert

Users Review–Mp3Doctor PRO 2

I download the program Mp3Doctor PRO 2 the other day and the breathtaking, it has worked very well and I am using it to correct the volume of my collection

greetings Jeffrey


I’m using the Mp3Doctor since its inception several years ago, I bought every version and now this new version Mp3Doctor PRO 2 has dazzled me, get the same quality mp3s secured us in but now it does for all formats I like. We recommend

Antonio Spain


I’ve been looking for some good normalizer for the radio station where I work in Utah and I found this great product, is the only software I’ve managed to find that really equalizes volume levels and boost the volume level.


Isaac Utah

Users Review

Good Day,

Thank you. I am a DJ in Canada and decided I needed a program to normalize
the audio level of my music files without having to do them one at a time.
When searching in Google I came across your site and tried your program with
the demo and was quite happy with the results. I will recommend your
program going forward.

Wayne Montgomery

Mp3Skull downloads? You need to normalize with Mp3Doctor

Mp3Skull downloads? You need to normalize with Mp3Doctor

I am a user of the website llmado mp3skull, and one of the first things you notice is the inconsistency in the volume levels of the mp3s. So I was forced to look for a good normalizing, normalizing all probe volume and for me, the one that works best is the Mp3Doctor PRO.
So if your a member of sites like mp3skull, I recommend Mp3Doctor PRO.

Elvis – USA.

Mp3Doctor PRO – User review – Volume booster – Mp3 Normalizer

I came to your site with clasic searches “how i can normalize the volume of my mp3s” or ” how could match or even the volume of my mp3s” or “how I can boost the volumen of my mp3s.”
Fortunately my needs to increase the volume of mp3s were met and more, because now I spend playing with moving the pitch and tempo and soprendo my friends, sounds awesome!
Take singers like Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond and tone the lower half pithc, sound great, they sound better. No one notices, I just say “your mp3s suenana than good” because my friends did not know how to achieve increase volume, improve quality (EQ) and incidentally improve a little the voice of the singers to the singers.


Mp3Doctor PRO – User review

Mp3Doctor PRO – User review


I have long been looking for something to get the volume of all my mp3s be the same, that sound good one after another. I’m tired of having to raise and lower the volume slider when the player starts to play each mp3 from my laylist.
And I say that I wanted, because I actually spent many evenings to try different software that offered the long-awaited volume normalization.
Until finally found the Mp3Doctor PRO, which in addition to leveling the songs between them, also the levels internally, with spectacular results.
Amplifies the songs, but especially suitable for adjusting the volume to sound good one after another, all my mp3s have finally been standardized.

Horace – Belgium

Mp3Doctor PRO – User review

Mp3Doctor PRO – User review

For a long time I searched for some software that would let me put all my mp3s equal volumes.
Those who found me not doing very well, the volumes were following mixed. Some were very loud and others too quiet.
Then I found the PRO Mp3Doctor that finally allowed me to match the volume of all my mp3s, also allowed me to equalize, the which has been great as they sound fantastic.
To solve problems of different volumes and to standardize the volume level, the PRO Mp3Doctor I found it fantastic.
Now all my mp3s sound like a constant volume, I have no need to move the volume button or pull down when alghuna song sounds very strong. Ihnclusdo different parts of each song have also been optimized so that no noisy parties and other very low volume.

Victor. – Portugal

Boost the bass – Mp3 Doctor PRO User Review

Boost the bass

One of the things I always look for in a audio management software is the ability to boost the bass and that’s something I found on the Mp3Doctor. DFJ and I need the bass rumble on the dance floor and Mp3Doctor PRO offers me while I matched all the songs sound the same volume level.

In dance music the bass drums sdon along with some of the parts bearing the entire musical and melodic structure and Mp3Doctor these specially prepared to give you what you need.

Lionel DJ

User Review – Increasing mp3 volume

Increasing the volume of a MP3 while keeping the audio information intact is harder then I thought it would be. It
wasn’t as simple as turning up my speakers or increasing the volume through my computer. Every time I tried these
ways it created a poor sounding file that left a lot to be desired. Why is it so hard to increase the volume of a
MP3 while keeping the quality of the file intact?

I looked through many forums trying to find a solution, I tried many different programs in the hopes that they
would solve my volume problem but they either were too slow and hard to use or created a poor sounding file in the
process. I kept trying programs until I came across a program called MP3 Doctor PRO. Once I started using this, I was
relieved of all my audio problems.

With MP3 Doctor PRO I was able to increase the volume of a MP3 while keeping the quality of the song perfect. It didn’t destroy the audio information and I was left with a great sounding MP3 that was loud enough to wake the neighbors.
After going through all the trouble I had with the previous programs I didn’t know that it would have been as easy
as it is with MP3 Doctor PRO to increase the volume of a MP3 and be left with a great sounding file. I found that MP3
Doctor is the one of the only programs that uses a certain algorithm to increase the volume of a file whilst
keeping the key information of the audio un touched.

After increasing the volume of my MP3 I tried to see what else MP3 Doctor PRO could do. I also found that some of my
songs in my music library were a lot quieter then others, while some were much louder then others. I didn’t realize until I started asking questions on the internet that this was quite common and that many people had the same
problem. I found that I could fix this With MP3 Doctor as well. I found that I could normalize the levels of my
entire collection and now my entire library sounds better then ever. No more incredibly loud and incredibly quiet
songs on the same album, I now have an entire collection of normalized MP3’s that sound better then the CD they
came on, and all because of a free program.

I never knew that there were so many common problems with MP3 files today that could be fixed with a simple program like MP3 Doctor PRO.

User Review – Mp3 Doctor PRO Normalization

I have recently had a lot of trouble finding a program that allows me to normalize the volume of a song correctly.
A lot of songs on my computer are at different volumes and every time I turn up my volume on a quiet song I get hit
over the head when a loud song comes on and it makes me deaf. The programs that I have used have a tendancy to cut out a lot of the information in the songs that I try to normalize and I am left with a poor sounding version of the
song that is either too quiet, too loud or just plain bad and that leaves a lot to be desired.

The other day, I came across this MP3 normalizer called MP3 Doctor PRO which has been a savior for me and my music
collection. MP3 Doctor PRO has allowed me to normalize the volume and balance my entire music library with a few clicks
of the mouse. The thing I love about MP3 Doctor PRO is that it has the ability to normalize the volume over an entire
album while keeping the context of the album alive. It does this by treating the entire album as one song which
allows the program to normalize each song within the context of the album. Every other program that I have tried to
do this with has treated each song individually and has created a very poor, un balanced album as a whole.

The reason that MP3 Doctor PRO is the best when it comes to normalization and adjusting of volume and audio levels is that it is based on a new algorithm. This algorithm works by measuring the difference between the percieved loudness of the audio and the desired level of the audio, it then normalizes the audio based on this calculation. Using this algorithm creates a well balanced and adjusted audio file that ins’t too loud or too quiet while keeping all the information of the song intact and preserved.

Before I found MP3 Doctor PRO I had given up on trying to find a way to normalize my music library and was stuck adjusting the volume of each individual song manually and was getting fed up and annoyed with the un even balance of my music. After downloading MP3 Doctor PRO and correcting my music library I was free to listen to all my music without the hassle and worry of terrible sounding audio. So if you were in the same position I was and want a remedy to the problem then give MP3 Doctor PRO a go, it worked for me and it will work for you and your music collection too!


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