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An equalizer is a device which processes audio signals. Modifies the frequency content of the signal processing. To do this, changing the amplitudes of the Fourier coefficients, resulting in different volumes for each frequency.

This can vary independently the intensity of the basic colors. Some models of graphic equalizers acting on the phase of the signals processed, instead of acting on the amplitude.

r From a domestic mode is usually used to enhance certain frequency bands, either to compensate the response of audio equipment (amplifier + speakers) or to adjust the result to personal tastes. Some are analog and digital assets or liabilities, parametric graphs and paragrficos. Professional equalizers usually have at least 10 bands. ISO standards require that the frequency bands have to be at least 31, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 and 16 000 Hertz. These frequency bands basic electronicod computers are controlled by a fader (or other alternative control potentiometer or) that can mitigate or enter up to 12 dB gain, or even more. To prevent saturation distortion (“clipping”), each fader has an LED, which lights just before clipping the signal.


Audio signal

An audio signal is an analog signal to a signal electrically accurate sound, usually is bounded to the range of frequencies audible to humans is between 20 and 20,000 Hz, so (the equivalent, almost exactly 10/8). Because sound “HELLO TEACHER MICKEY DON alogical”]]). The opposite conversion is performed by a speaker, also called speaker in some Latin American countries, direct translation of English-loudspeaker, which converts electrical signals into air pressure waves. A single microphone can adequately capture the full range of audible frequencies, however, to accurately replicate the same frequency range typically requires two loudspeakers (treble and bass) or more.

An audio signal can be characterized, briefly, on the dynamics (peak value, dynamic range, power, signal to noise ratio) or spectral composition (bandwidth, fundamental frequency, harmonics, harmonic distortion, etc..). Thus, for example, a signal representing human voice (speech signal) does not usually have relevant information beyond 10 kHz, and in fact fixed taken only the first 3.8 kHz. With 2 kHz voice is enough to be understandable, but not to recognize the speaker.

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