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Today in fact is no longer simply to normalize mp3 files. We’re not in the distant era where there was only the mp3. Today have appeared, for different reasons, a number of other formats.
Some of piuerden not encoded or compressed quality to the song, as Flac, other formats have appeared by the existence of software or hardware that has those formaytos as proprietary formats, such as using the m4a ipod, ipad and until iTunes.

Mp3 Normalizer and other formats too

The point is that it was absolutely necesariuo offer the possibility of normalizing different audio formats. So we created the Mp3Doctor PRO 2 that can normalize mp3, mp2, flac, ogg, m4a, aac, ac3 and wav.
Also in each keeps the tags that keep the artist name, song title, etc..

With this new product: Mp3Doctor PRO 2, we have taken a quantum leap in offering a product that the market stab in urgent need, there is no such thing.

Use of Mp3Doctor PRO 2 is very simple, just load the songs we want or normalize, if we chose equalizarlas, change the tempo or pitch (both are very nmecesarias functions to perform remix versions) and also choose if we want to apply the function Replay Gain, which, although we do not put as by default do not consider that it is more advisable today, some users want to use it and we make available.

Also may you-all in a single window, very simple to use, choose the output directory in which files are saved as standard.

Basically that simple is its use, although it is very powerful and a good ear easily detected Mp3Doctor normalization and offers the best of the best, there’s nothing else to compare.

The evolution of Mp3Doctor has lasted more than ten years, which has been improving each version and above all, adjusting more to the technological reality of the moment, as this power shift now normalize more formats, the most popular or used.

In short, the software normalizes each of the 7 or 8 million frames that make up a song, making the volume and the sound is consistent throughout the entire musical track and also consistent with all other tracks of your collection.

You can choose the combination jmejor bitrate and samplerate for archiving standard, a minimum of 44,100 recomndamos samples of sample rate and a minimum of 160 and bitrate. With that you will get arcvhivos music with excellent sound and hassle around volume or loudness levels.



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