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Mp3 Normalizer – The new word in the music

Mp3 Normalizer – The new word in the music


Lately there have been countless fashion terms that refer ultimately to the same phenomenon: mp3 normalizer, mp3 volume boost, volume leveling mp3, mp3 volume equalizer, etc.. With the widespread use of MP3 files, you will soon see a problem when you play: they all have different volume level. Some sound too loud and others sound too softly. The simplest solution is to move the volume control on your MP3 player with every new song, but this is extremely uncomfortable.

Some of us have carefully collected hundreds or thousands of mp3s, we consider these collections of mp3s almost like our treasure. Ranging from recordings of some decades ago, to the most recent launches of the latest artist. But something blurs our happiness: the differences in volume level. Even some (the oldest) have worn sound (which can be corrected by the equalizer which has the Mp3Doctor PRO). Our ‘jewels’, our pride, our collection of hundreds of mp3s sound so bad if played together. There are annoying jumps in volume. The sounds are very different levels. But there is a solution: Mp3Doctor PRO. This software will allow us to match volume levels, tweak the quality of some recordings and make further adjustments that will allow us to ‘polish’ our ‘jewelry’. Download Mp3Doctor PRO, try it, enjoy its capabilities and if you like, you can buy.

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