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Change Pitch of an Mp3 without modify the tempo /Speed

Change Pitch of an Mp3 without modify the tempo /Speed

The tempo is vital to the music, is largely what makes his character.
It is not uncommon in the past, classical music mark the beat with comsas as “walking” to point about 60 beats per minute or “ALLEGRO” to 120 beats, etc..
Describing the tempo or speed of the beats per minute referring to movements and moods.

Moreover, the tone is what makes a song sound tune. If the singer should sing an F sharp, but mistakenly sings a simple fa, we sounded out of tune. The human ear is very thin to distinguish these things, both relating to the tempo (or beats per minute) as the pitch, even if the person has no musical training at all.

In music there are many situations where mopderna to meascla songs, make remixes, etc.. requires that two songs have the same pitch without changing the tempo.
Or even to raise or lower half tone or whole tone musical pisyta to sing some, but always without changing the tempo.

Mp3Doctor PRO (and PRO Mp3Doctor 2) can change the tone or pitch of a song without affecting the tempo at all.

In fact they can also do the reverse: to sound much faster or slower, this time without changing the tone or pitch.

Change the pitch of an mp3

The operation is very simple, you only need to load the song into the software and using a slider to choose how much you want to change the pitch being. You can make the song Mp3Doctor PRO touch while moving the pitch slider until we feel that this in the right spot and then oppress the button to process that song.

The procedure with the tempo, is exactly the same, we can hear the song while we change the tempo until we were satisfied with how it sounds and only then oprtimimos button to process the song.

In fact we can even equalize and normalize while they modify the pitch or tempo. Mp3Doctor PRO is so powerful that we can do a variety of things granb our mp3s (and Mp3Doctor PRO 2 with another amount of additional formats).
Download the trial version and test it for yourself on your computer, you will love it.


Mp3 Volume Level increaser

Mp3 Volume Level increaser

It seems today that everyone is , sharing and uploading free MP3 music all across the internet, on forums and with friends. With this large influx of new technology and new media you would think there would be an easier way to have full control over your MP3 library. The ability to be able to normalize the volume of your collection or to do something as simple as boosting the volume of your MP3 is just not as easy as it should be. It used to be that these features were only available to audio engineers and studio producers or could only be found in expensive hardware and software. With the advent of the Compact Disc and MP3 music and the way that everyone uses and shares MP3 music on a day to day basis you would think that these controls that you should have over your audio collection should be more readily available to every consumer out there, but it hasn’t been that way until now.<p>

With MP3 Doctor Pro the control and functionality that was once only available to audio engineers and producers alike can now be in the hands of every consumer. Sometimes the albums that you buy and share are not properly normalized, this means that each different song on the album can be significantly quieter or louder then the one preceding it. This is caused by improper volume normalization and can result in clipping or loss of audio information. With Mp3 Doctor Pro you can get around that with the volume normalization batch operation, you can normalize entire albums or entire collections at the click of a button. MP3 Doctor Pro can normalize each song within an album and create a consistent listening experience across the entire album. No more need to fiddle with your speakers or computer volume slider. Normalizing volume is a great feature but you also need to have full control and editing capabilities across your entire media collection, that’s why with MP3 Doctor Pro you can also edit MP3, equalize and use the volume level boost to take control of your audio collection. Edit MP3 music and create your own playlist, boost the volume of your songs and rock out at home or normalize MP3 music and play it at the office without disturbing your neighbors.<p>

There are many programs out there that try and do what MP3 Doctor Pro does, a lot of them full short on their functionality and compatibility or are often hard to use and are presented with a clunky interface. But Mp3 Doctor Pro does it right, it gives you the full control over your MP3 music that you need and allows you to chop and change the songs that you want, fade in and out of different songs and even encode and decode to the specific file type that you need. In the day and age that we live now and the sheer number of MP3 and different audio types that we come in contact with on a day to day basis you owe it to yourself to use a program like MP3 Doctor Pro to finally be able to do what you want with your own MP3 collection.<p>

Mp3 Normalizer : Mp3Doctor PRO the best Mp3 Normalizer

Mp3 Normalizer : Mp3Doctor PRO the best Mp3 Normalizer


It’s simple, but very efficient, normalize mp3 files using Mp3Doctor. Simple that should only load the song and press a button. It could not be more facilincrementar the volume of mp3s and the volume level correctly between all mp3s.

Load the mp3 file is very simple:
mp3 normalizwer

And pressing a single button to normalize your mp3, could not be easier:

mp3 normalizer

But what happens within the Mp3Doctor PRO when you press the button to normalize? Every second of your mp3 is made up of 44.100 samples, so if we talk about an mp3 with a duration of 3 minutes, the mp3 would contain 7’938, 000 samples (more than 7 million!) And PRO Mp3Doctor processed one by one, adjusting the volume of each.

Some samples are increased in volume by the action of Mp3Doctor PRO, others were set down the volume, others receive a volume boost.

If indeed we are saying that the action that takes place in each of these 7 million samples is not the same, because the volume is uneven throughout the song.

Hay pasajes que necesitan aumentar su volumen, pero otros necesitan disminuirlo, otros ajustarlo, nivelar el mp3, etc.

Today, this fashionable to refer to the process and edit mp3 volume, volume leveling mp3, Equalizing volume, mp3 volume level boost, and so on. But all the terms actually refer to the same, the process explained above and that is far more complex and efficient than simply increase the volume of a song.

Most people refer to the process as mp3 normalizer, mp3 normalizer maybe that was one of the first terms in mp3 normalizer used or because it is still more accurate, because it is still more clear, because what happens is that normalizes mp3, not simply amplifies or lowers her volume, but the normalization, sample by sample, as explained above. Of course, this referred to Mp3Doctor PRO, the other usually just normalizing the volume up or down the volume at the same level throughout the song, until the peak reaches your highest point, without distorting.

The Mp3Doctor PRO does not increase the overall volume of the song, nor decreases globally, it is adjusting, leveling each sample. Some will result in increased volume, others level off, others with volume boost, and so on. each sample in a precise manner.


mp3 normalizer

This efficient Normalizing Mp3 process can still be tweaked by the equalizer that offers Mp3Doctor. Thus one can, for example, enhancing the bass, clear voice, etc..

In summary, we found that the term Mp3 Normalizer is the most appropriate, though often popularly understood in many ways, being Mp3Doctor PRO software that truly reflects its function, providing better results.

When you notice a drop in volume between two mp3s or perceived to some specificpassage of a song sounds too quietly, that’s when you need a Mp3 Normalizer to solvethese problems. After normalizing all your mp3s, you increase your listening pleasure.
Mp3Doctor works for all types of music, including speeches or any other kind of recording.
 This article has been automatically translated from one European language.

How I can boost, normalize or increase the volume of an mp3 file? pump up the volume mp3?

How I can boost, normalize or increase the volume of an mp3 file? pump up the volume mp3?Iincrease audio volume mp3


Increase mp3 audio volume is one of the dreams of anyone who owns many archvos mp3.

Change volume mp3 file is what many are searching the internet, thousands of related searches. Terms and raise volume of mp3, mp3 volume level, or increase volume mp3 normalize mp3 volume leveler (and hundreds) are sought on the internet every day.

volume booster

Who would have thought at the time of the vinyl LP, by digitizing the sound that we were going to face such a problem as is the drop volume of our digital music files.

In reality, for example in FM radio, years ago that were made processes of ‘normalization volume’ with compressors for example. The mission was that all voices and music come out within a range of volume on the radio, to avoid so that the listener is compelled to be manipulating the volume knob.

Also in the concerts in large auditoriums or stadiums, was made a process that “normalized volume”. So if the singer was shouting or whispering, the volume was actually more or less the same. Well, now we have to apply similar technology, but not with Compressor but with modern standards developers to maintain a threshold or level of volume at the same level, no matter what mp3’re playing, but even in different parts of the mp3.

Today, by external noise, for example in the car, we are forced to apply a volume boost to get all the mp3s and all parties are heard, that reproduction of a playlist has a uniform volume. Otherwise, if we don’t  apply a normalization to our mp3s, or adjust its volume level, we can not hear certain songs or musical passages sounded a very low volume.

volume booster

Volume increaser – Mp3Doctor: Volume increaser solution

Volume Increaser


Many times you will find that you need a volume increaser solution.

People ask this kind of thing:

Is there any software that allows you to increase the volume of an mp3 by outputting a new file? I have a few songs that are recorded at a low volume, and it is annoying when I have them in a playlist with songs that have a higher volume.

Is there a way to increase the volume of an mp3 file, other than turning the knob on the speaker or moving the slide up on the icon by the clock in the tray?
I have tried converting the mp3 file to a wave file & opening it in Talk Works Editor & then increasing the volume there, but it was not really successful as the gain was very little.
Thanks for any help.

Download and test Mp3Doctor PRO Volume Increaser solution.

Mp3 louder software

Mp3 louder software

Another common question:

I have an mp3 that when i opened it and played it, the volume was much lower than any of my other mp3s. I have read of people making mp3 files louder but the quality turns worse.

How do I make my mp3 louder without losing quality?


I need the actual file to get louder. It is lower than all my other mp3 files and I want to put it on my phone and use it as a message tone.

The sound output of some MP3 songs on my computer are just too low. Increasing the MP3 player’s volume hasn’t really helped. This is a very common issue with mp3 files; some sound too low, some are too loud. Here are some ways to increase the sound output of an mp3 file i.e to make them louder.

A reader has asked for solution on how to make an existing mp3 file louder. From my experience, I did realized inconsistancy in volume of mp3 files in my mp3 collection and it was troublesome to change the volume slider for each song with different loudness.

What I did to rectify this problem was simple. Just download and test Mp3Doctor PRO




Download now Mp3Doctor PRO
mp3 normalize gain volume level

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Volume Boost – Volume Booster

Volume Boost.

Without any question, one of the hottest needs of the mp3 users are to find a way to Boost the Volume level of any mp3 file.

The situation is very common and well known: When you listen to your mp3 files, you find that the volume levels are quite uneven.  Then you discover that you need to boost the volume level.

…After some time, and some pain (trying different solutions), you learn that its not only a matter of boost the volume level, but that you need to normalize it, optimize it.

Then, finally you get into Mp3Doctor PRO and find that its exactly what you was looking for, because it standardize the volume level of all your mp3 collection, and at the same time, let you equalize it and maybe even change the pitch or change the tempo.

Volume Boost – Volume Booster

No matter if you plan to listen your music on your PC or using headphones, or maybe in a portable device, on your car audio system or by any other way, it will sound great,

This text has been automatically translated from a central european language.

Mp3 Normalizer Mp3 Volume boost

Mp3 Normalizer

Everybody have felt sometimes that by playing our mp3 files, the volume levels do not match.

Some songs have a higher volume than others. Therefore, when playing our mp3 files on the audio player, the result is unpleasant. We are forced to manually raise and lower the volume level.
To remedy this, the best option is to use Mp3Doctor PRO.
But less see how it works and why it does it better than other options.
The old fashion method of normalizing (not used by Mp3Doctor) just seeks for the volume peaks of each mp3 file and then amplify all the volume with the same rate.  Per example, if the peak could be amplified by 3%, then all the file is amplified at the same 3%.  Thats is a very naive method.
Of course, this method is not suitable if what you are trying is that the volume level of each song is the optimal.
There are other methods, but they are just extensions of this method described here and suffer the same flaws.
Mp3Doctor PRO uses a new approach. It analyzes every millisecond of every song and, based on complex mathematical curves, optimize the volume level of each millisecond. Thus, the end result is impressive.
Let watch and example of what we are talking about, prepare yourself to get amazed:

If you listen carefully you will notice that its not only a matter of amplifiying the volume level. Not at all. What Mp3Doctor PRO achieves is pushing more the secondary voices (male voices) that the main ones. Everything sounds clearer, better and even equalized. But, thats not all…

Mp3Doctor PRO makes possible that some sounds (like secondary voices) sounds with more presence. Of course, the main voices sounds much better thatn the original file. Listen again the video and enjoy the difference betwen the original file and normalized (and equalized one)!

Downnload the trial version of Mp3Doctor PRO and give it a try… enjoy the results!

This text has been automatically translated from a central european language to english language.


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