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Mp3Doctor PRO2: Normalize at the best level

Mp3Doctor PRO2: Normalize at the best level 

The best way to process the  mp3  audio file (or some other format that acceptsMP3Doctor) is simply loaded into the program and press the button. 

It's that simple. 

This will work as efficiently if you load one or many files. The program does not need to"compare" a file with another file simply makes every possible reach more optimal volume (with best loudness, clarity, etc). So you can normalize your files one by one or in batches of 100, or in batches of 10,000. The result will be the same from the point of view of audio:make the volume this to its best possible level. 

This is done by analyzing each frequency and each sample (8 million samples at 3 minutes). 

Thus avoid having to manually adjust the volume, if any song sounds-like-is often too loud or too quiet, compared to the previous song.


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MP3Doctor PRO 2 is the result of many years of experince creating algorithms, efficient and increasingly sophisticated, they normalize the audio. 
MP3Doctor PRO 2 can normalize not only the mp3 format, but many other formats. 
It also offers the possibility to equalize the sound, making trim (removing silence at the beginning and end of each song), adding ReplayGain (if you wish), to change the pitch of a song without affecting the speed or tempo, or voceversa, modifcar speed of a song without affecting the pitch of this. 

The possibilities are many with MP3Doctor PRO 2.


Mp3 Normalize : A Necessity in 2014

mp3 Normalize : A Necessity in 2014

Anyone with various digital music files quickly found a problem: sound levels are different between the files , and even between different parts of the files , which need to be done manually manipulating the volume control to compensate for this problem with volume levels of your music , and s is in mp3 format or any other digital audio format that is very popular because MP3Doctor PRO2 is already capable of standardizing various formats besides mp3 .

And it is precisely eln MP3Doctor PRO 2 The editing of the best way these problems related to uneven volume levels . By its normalization algorithm is modern , efficient and appropriate for the time and the quality of current technology . For that modern players are much more powerful than 10 years ago , reason why , modern players are able to detect and amplify this problem on volume levels and volume gains mismatched , if this problem is not corrected by algorithms corresponding to 2014.

MP3Doctor PRO2 gives a boost to the gain level of your digital music, tamvbien gives a boost to your bass sounds and their equalizer allows substantially increase the quality of digital music file. 
Now it is possible to normalize asrchivos Flac, Ogg, M4a and other popular formats with MP3Doctor PRO2.

Batch Level Normalizer‎

Batch Level Normalizer

MP3Doctor PRO2 is the Batch Level Normalizer more modern and efficient , offering better results in this 2014 is not enough to increase the volume of a song until you reach the maximum possible peak , it was used 10 years ago pot some programs but the results are not compatible with the technology today and the players ( mp3 players , ipods, phones , laptops , netbooks, CDs, DVDs , etc).

MP3Doctor PRO2 offers the possibility to get an awesome quality , not only for its superior normalization , but that eofrece some other key features like resample , change the bitrate , equalize, change the pitch without affecting the speed of the song or vice versa, is say , change the speed of the song without affecting the pitch .

The result is excellent and not just because MP3Doctor mp3s PRO2 accepts other popular formats such as Flac , Ogg, M4a and others, making this much more extensive possibilities to have a collection of high quality digital audio , which is what fginalmente all desire. Of course, as the title of the article mentions , puedfe do toido this batch if you wish .

The software does not need to "compare" the music files with others, as they will always be treated to achieve maximum optimization possible. But if you can normalize batch . Maybe optimum batch would do or five hundred thousand files , depends on the available RAM on your computer.

Mp3 Enchancer Software – Mp3Doctor PRO 2


mp3 Enchancer Software Mp3Doctor PRO 2


MP3Doctor PRO2 is definitely the only software available that specializes in the normalization of the volume of digital audio files . Not only mp3 but besides that format , MP3Doctor PRO2 is able to normalize other popular formats such as Flac , Ogg, M4a , etc. .

Many people have asked us why we decided to include all of these formats in MP3Doctor PRO2 and the answer is simple:

The program is designed to be at the forefront in terms of musical quality and sound . To keep up with the digital era that we play live , with cutting edge technology , which, for today , provides ultra high quality sound.

At the same time , have emerged audio formats featuring poisbilidad compress audio without losing quality , which does not happen with the mp3 , if sacrifices which offers higher quality compression.

But for today cvomo disk space is not something that will kick anyone or transmission speed up and down Internet audio is limited , does not make sense to sacrifice quality for quantity . That is, by having a more reduced size, which was the great achievement that offered the mp3 at the time (12 years ago ) and that led him to become so popular.

Today , we understand that many people opting for this formats like Flac, they do not lose any quality or descaretan information to save space.

So we decided to include in the new formats MP3Doctor PRO2 , maintaining the quality of normalization .

Mp3 Normalizing examples

mp3 normalizing example


There has been no other software that achieves bright as effective striking MP3Doctor PRO2 tna results, effective, and that is apparent and easily witnessing the amount of things the software can do and that they had been unimaginable before. 
As an example, see this video:

The possibilities are not limited to getting the perfect sound and clear, but, as we saw, you can play up the pitch or tempo. 
It is also possible to equalize the songs, so they have a unique quality of sound and sounding all, not only with the same loudness, sno with a similar sound to avoid brusocs changes in the "color" of the music. 

Here we have another video where we see just good management to the volume:

Mp3 Normalizing in 2014.

MP3Doctor PRO2 is a normalizer widely known in the music industry , both professionally ( in the transmission of FM radio stations or TV stations ) , and in terms of fans looking to correct the volume of digital music files , are in mp3 format or any format that accepts MP3Doctor PRO2 .

MP3Doctor PRO2 has come a long way in the normalization of the volume of the music, adapting itself to the needs of users of digital music , you want to listen to music on the computer, on the phone, the laptop, the tablet, even burn CDs or DVDs .
To hear music in all these devices need not read the music player of any sort tags , as with the Replay Gain (although MP3Doctor PRO2 includes the option to add Replay Gaijn if someone needs it ) .

Download you free trial version of Mp3Doictor PRO2 and check on your own compurtadora the power of this program computation. After a try , surely you wish to buy .

Mp3 Volume loudness tools

mp3 Volume loudness tools


MP3Doctor ideonea PRO2 is the tool to correct the loudness of all yambien of mp3s and other digital audio files , that can handle major audio formats like flac, ogg, m4a , etc. .

MP3Doctor PRO2 goes beyond simply trying to boost the volume of mp3s searching for peaks. Actually this technique was surpassed 10 years ago .

MP3Doctor PRO2 does is analyze and modifcar each main frequency of each of the frames that make up a digital audio file .

If we calculate a digital audio file professional quality has 44,100 frames per second , we know that in 3 minutes will have more than 7 million frames to compute . What nosd give a very accurate result and significantly improves paint quality sound and volume of the digital file in question.

To achieve this, we have developed computational algorithms and the latest generation of cutting edge technology . Which are consistent with high-performance hardware that exists today.

So quality is completely highlighted three and it's even used by audio professionals in FM broadcasting stations , television broadcasters , DJs , etc. .

The cost is really low , it is less than 40 dollars , and when compared to the thousands of dollars that a computer hardware compress , limit and normalize the audio would cost , we see that is truly accessible to any user.

Audio Normalizer 2014

Audio Normalizer 2014

We are in a new era , k technologically speaking . I do not mean to compare us to the 80s, but I still Compared to 2003.
At that time , mp3 download a required bandwidth consuming which was very scarce at that time , generating many minutes that it took to achieve download any download .
Furthermore, the computers of that time had little space in its hard disk and therefore it was very important to get the mp3 has the smallest possible for both to have a short time to download , to occupy as little space hard discussion .

But those days have been very distant . Not so much in time, but the difference in technological capabilities . Today the size of a digital audio file is not the priority , today we want high fidelity , better sound.

This is how it manages to be MP3Doctor PRO2 an appropriate normalizer for this era, in which new paradigms to generate high-quality audio are used. MP3Doctor PRO2 works through the most sophisticated and modern algorithms that allow you to analyze and normalize audio files , a completely new way , which was impossible a few years ago.

Nor is it limited to mp3 , it is now possible to normalize the most common formats and audio.

MP3Doctor PRO2 is the most powerful solution , appropriate for this 2014.

Mp3Gain 2014 : MP3Doctor PRO2

Mp3Gain 2014 : MP3Doctor PRO2


The revolution that under a decade ago , the concept of ReplayGain , then when people started collecting music in large quantities, it becomes apparent that the volume levels were disparate , today has greatly evolved to levels unimagined 10 years ago. MP3Doctor PRO2 is the most efficient normalizer ever. No longer uses the method of sound peaks but uses much more modern , cutting edge in quality and normalization and sound quality algorithms. Today the reality is very different , we do not need to save as much disk space or bandwidth that we take hours to download an mp3 .

Now even a USB flash drive is capable of storing hundreds or thousands of mp3s (although MP3Doctor PRO2 supports other formats, not just mp3 ) and download a mp3 on the web takes just seconds of time. So in this new reality, is the quality that counts , not the size as in those early years . MP3Doctor PRO2 is prepared for quality needed hoy.Por that, besides making normalizer , also offers other very necessary functions , such as changing the pitch without affecting the speed or nothing beats per minute of a song or vice versa, accelerate or encourage uan song without affecting the pitch at all . Of course the overall equalization is another tool to give it a uniform all quality sound files

Mp3 Normalizer – Mp3 Volume Booster : Mp3Doctor PRO2

MP3Doctor PRO2 is the most advanced market mp3 Normalizer, we have over 10 years of experience accumulated in the area and have managed to develop the most powerful industry normalizer.
Indeed MP3Doctor PRO2 is used in the music industri in many areas, from broadcasting on radio and television, to recitals in large stadiums, even in music production, radio, advertising, cinematic dubbing, etc. Even many churches use MP3Doctor FOR 2 to normalize their Sunday sermons and politicians to normalize the volume of his speeches.

All this happens because MP3Doctor PRO2 has an advanced "formula" to make the audio level of audio files of different formats (not only accepts mp3) equal in volume, uniform, has no jumps or falls from volume, and loudness is constant in one song and between songs.

Many years ago, the mechanism that is used to try to normalize the music, were very naive and the results were poor. MP3Doctor PRO2 not use volume peaks, nor compare songs from the same album or mp3s compare with other mp3s. We're not in the 90s. In full year 2014, the mechanisms-earned after many years as leaders in the market, have reached a much more sophisticated, efficient and mature level.



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