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You might have worked blood and sweat to have your favorite collection of music hits, finally. You now have the collection, but each time you turn on your mp3 player, you have to constantly grab the remote control and adjust the volume. If you are a DJ, the same case applies. You have to adjust the volume of all your mixers from time to time. The only thing that can come to your rescue is a software program that can skillfully adjust your mp3 volume without so much distortion. That is precisely where the Mp3 Doctor PRO comes in.

Mp3 Doctor PRO does more than just normalizing your mp3 volume. It can analyze and adjust your Mp3 files to an extent that you will completely forget about turning the volume up or down for further clarity. MP3 Doctor PRO does not just do overall peak normalization as so many other volume editing software programs do. Instead, it does great statistical analysis when it comes to determining how loud the mp3 file sounds to human ears. What is more, the changes that MP3 doctor PRO makes are completely lossless. In other words, Mp3 Doctor PRO does not interfere with the quality of your music because it directly adjusts MP3 files without decoding or re-encoding. Its built in batch processing option allows users to process an entire folder at once since it can operate on album and track.

The track mode volume can correct a mix of totally unrelated mp3 files to a selected level. Mp3 Doctor PRO simply calculates volume levels of each song separately. It then balances each mp3 file and makes their respective volumes level match with the right Target Volume. If for instance you have three mp3 files with different volume levels of 81dB, 91dB and 89 dB then you use the Track Gain feature to convert the files to a target volume of 93 dB, all the three songs will be at about 92 dB.

Thealbum mode volume balances all related mp3 files just as they would appear on an album or a CD. Using this feature is like adjusting your volume knob once and for all each Compact Disc you put in a CD player. The overall volume of the album will simple be adjusted to the Target volume. The only difference in this case is that the volume differences in of all the mp3s in the album will be preserved. If for instance you have 3 songs with volume levels of 86 dB, 91dB and 89 dB, the overall volume of this particular album will simply be set at around 89dB.

From these simple features, you can easily tell that the software can adjust mp3 volume without much hassle. Keep in mind that this software is also user friendly. As such, each time you adjust mp3 volume rations, you can have fun and learn two or three things about the software. You will not fail to notice the changes once you are done with the software. Nothing in your mp3 files will go unnoticed.

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