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There has been a lot of problems with albums that have been released lately, the volume of each song sounds independent of one other and doesn't fit into the context of the entire album.
The problem is that the audio has not been properly normalized across the entire album. This results in some songs being quiet and some songs being loud.
There's many ways that you can try to get around this, you can try to adjust your volume on your speakers to suit each song as it comes on but this is a very tedious way to correct the volume and is not the ideal way to fix the problem.
The best way to get around this problem is to use a MP3 editor program, now here are a lot of programs that claim to fix this common issue, programs that increase or decrease the volume of each song individually. These programs often hurt the audio information contained in the MP3 and leave you with a lesser quality version of the song that sounds worse then the original and leaves you very unsatisfied. A program called MP3 Doctor Pro is a program that allows full control over your MP3 collection while leaving the audio information untouched which creates a pristine, high quality MP3 that is neither too quiet or too loud. With MP3 Doctor Pro you have the ability to be able to edit and change the volume of each MP3 in your collection without losing any quality from the original file.
It does this by using a specific algorithm that allows the program to calculate the difference between the perceived loudness of a file and the desired loudness, it then shifts the frequencies to fit in line with the desired volume.
This creates a high quality file without any loss of the original file that is tailored to your needs.
Editing the volume of a specific file is only one of the many features that MP3 Doctor Pro comes with. You can also encode and decode your audio files, changing and chopping between WAV and MP3 format.
You can also edit any MP3 file you have and create your own song mixes by combining your favorite songs together. If you don't like the intro of one of your songs you can easily snip it out using MP3 Doctor Pro and take full control of your music library. Become the music DJ you have always wanted to be and create mixes of your favorite songs. MP3 Doctor Pro gives you the control you need over your music library and allows you to shape and tailor your library to your own needs and purposes, it allows you to edit, encode, boost and normalize your entire collection all in one simple to use program. Before MP3 Doctor Pro came along you had to use a whole slew of poorly optimized, hard to use, clunky programs that degraded the quality of your MP3 files and left you with a lot to be desired.
There's no need to look for any other programs when you need control over your audio collection now that MP3 Doctor Pro is around, it really is like taking your audio collection to the Doctor and coming back with new and improved, healthy audio.

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