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MP3Doctor - Batch Mode


BATCH MODE allow you to process multiple file for NORMALIZE, TRIM, RESAMPLE, ENCODE & DECODE features.

mp3 normalize batch

The purpose of BATCH is to process a set of files trying to standarize it, per example:

If you have very different BitRate and SampleRate Mp3s downloaded from Internet (as happens if you download), the most recommendable is to 'uniform' your files adjusting the Sample & Bitrate.

Of course that normalizing and trimming it is almost INDISPENSABLE.

In BATCH mode you can load the name of the files to be processed one by one or taking all the files from one folder or even load it from a winamp playlist.

Please notice that it may ocurrs that some playlist will not be compatible with Mp3Doctor, since the format of the PlayList could change. Winamp 2x should be compatible in most cases.

Notice that if a song name contains a comma, it could be loaded wrongly since the Window's tabs sre comma delimited. Then we recommend to avoid the usage of commas in the name of the songs and files.




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