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MP3Doctor - Equalize


A new feature of Mp3Doctor, a very powerfull one !!.

EQUALIZE let you control the sound, the quality, the atmosphere and the 'color' of your music!

equalize mp3 normalize

But since its very powerfull, we need to used with care.

Thats why we don't include it on the BATCH mode, because we think that its not really logical to process a batch of files using the same equalization settings.

Because you need to listen everyfile BEFORE deciding the settings of the sliders.

EQUALIZE are some kind of volume adjust, but the volume og each band of frquencies are adjusted separated.

Then you need to DETECT wich frequencies need to be adjustd in everyfile.

Per example:

One file could be dramatical IMPROVED by adding HIGH FREQUENCIES if the sound are a little opaque or the recording are an old one (Elthon John and Kiki Dee - Don't go breaking my heart sound REALLY GREAT after using the bright setting!!!)... but maybe a new recording (DDD) not only need high frequencies... maybe some BASS could add POWER !!!

Now your files will sound different from the regular ones !!,
I equalize Abba-Fernando with ROCK preset and its really really great !!, now i perceive sounds that before i even don't notice at all !!, im really pleased with the result...

Remember that music is an ART and equalizing is a part of this ART.
In fact a very important part of each recording production is the EQUALIZATION, musicians and recording labels pay a lot of money to get the best studios... and a very important part is the equalization ones !!!

In the past years the developer of this software works as a recording engineer and applies his experience to develop Mp3Doctor trying to give the user the best tool to get the BEST QUALITY of your music.

Then take a time to listen your file... the EQUALIZE it and listen the result... maybe the first time your equalization will not be a good one... try again, Mp3Doctor dosen't change your original file, for protection it creates a new EQUALIZED one, then you have chance to try and try again... then you will become a good one.
Your Mp3s will sound better that another ones... trust in your feeling and trust in what you hear !!!




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