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MP3Doctor - Tempo Change


This feature is another Bonus feature of Mp3Doctor that are only in a TESTING stage of development and dont have WARRANTY of any kind.

The Tempo feature let you to change the BPM of a song. In straight words it let you change the tempo of any song without changing the pitch.

This feature is frequently used to simulate some remix version.

If you take some song and change the tempo in a 25%, then it could song like a new rythm version. Soe song s will sound nicer than others and this only depends on subjective opinions. There are not a mathematical way to evaluate if a song sounds better or not.

A very usefull use of this feature is to change the tempo of a song to make it similar to the tempo of another one and then you can mix it using some DJ software/hardware

In a near future we will add this remixing feature to Mp3Doctor.




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