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MP3Doctor - Mp3 Trim


MP3 TRIM - This Mp3 Trim feature let you delete the leading and end silence of a song.

There are TWO different Mp3 TRIM METHODS for Mp3Doctor:

You can adjust the next settings in the OPTION window in the Mp3 TRIM tab:

Trim Mp3 trim

Percent - Is the percent of

Leading Db silence- Is the level on wich a sound will be considered silence at the start of the song.

End Db Silence- The same level to be considered silence at the end of the song.

In some cases this values could be modified if at the start or end of a song there are some 'silence' to be deleted but its not really a digital absolute silence (has some hiss, etc). If you change it, remember to set it again to -21 when you trim other files or the result could be erroneus

Start position and end position means the limit on wich Mp3Doctor will scann looking for silence, recommended are 10% and 90%.




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