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MP3Doctor - F.A.Q.


Q - When im trying to run Mp3Doctor in my PC i get a prompt telling me for some files that are not present in my system. What can i do?.
As some of our files where compiled in C++, there are some dependencies needed to run, but we don't distribute it since almost all PCs already have it (Explorer uses it!).

This files are:


If- for some reason- your system dosen't have it, send us a mail and we send it to you.

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Q- How speed are Mp3Doctor?
So speed, read this:

Decode (Mp3 to wav) in a 3:30 song - 30 seconds
Encode (Wav to Mp3) in a 3:30 song - 90 seconds
Trimm 3:30 Mp3 song - 90 seconds
Trim 3:30 wav song - 45 seconds
Resample 3:30 Wav Song - 38 seconds
Resample 3:30 Mp3 song - 78 seconds
and so on

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Q- But in my PC the timings are different, why?
There could be some reasons:

i) You may have intensive CPU process running (spyware, antivirus or anyother software permanently running)
ii) You may have low disc space or low available RAM
iii) Old PC or old/slow CPU

In the case of Spyware run some software as Ad-aware

About many software running check if you have many programs running using Ctrl + Alt + Del

One tip: if you have many icons in the SysTray... you have many programs permanently running and slowing your PC.

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Q- When i try to trim or normalize i see that Mp3Doctor are 'fixing' my file, what does this mean?
Mp3Doctor manipulates files in 16 bit, 44,100 hz... so if it detects a file in other format, it changes or corrects this format before attempting to process it, its normal.

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Q- After every BATCH the program ask me if i want to see the LOG, what is this?
Mp3Doctor gives you a report of the BATCH behavior.

If is difficult to check it in the small LOG window you can save it and check it in NotePad.

In the log you can check if any file was reported as ERROR or sucessfully processed.

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Q- When i EQUALIZE my file i get some distortion ¿does your software distort my music?
No, as we explain in the HELP file, Equalize is a sort of amplification of certain frequencies, then if you give to much gain to a frequency that has already a big value you can distort your file.

To avoid this, use the SECURE METHOD and -if nedeed- go to the OPTIONS window (equalizer tab) and select ATENUATE and NORMALIZING before equalizing.

What we are doing using ATENUATE and NORMALIZING?

With ATENUATE we are -as the name says- atenuating the file before attempting to equalize it (since equalize manipulate the volume of certain frequencies) and then, after equalizing we are NORMALIZING the file to get the best and maximum volume possible with out distortion.

If your file continue resulting like distort, check first if the original one are not distortioned, and then equalize it again with less gain in the distortioned frequency.

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Q- There is some EXPERT method for equalize ¿Can you explain me what is this?
The only difference is that we don't protect the possible distortion by making calculations about volume gain. In the NORMAL method, Mp3Doctor calculates the maximum gain in every frequency and do a level correction trying to prevent possible distortion.

However, for some reason, if the user really know what hes doing, he could equalize directly without protection... by hes own risk of course !!

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Q- I move the STEEP in Equalize and now im getting a 'noisy' file
A- In sound manipulation we have some principle:

If you move some setting that you don't understand you can have unexpected results. Steep are about the amplitude of the frames to be affected by the gain of certain frequency.

Sound complicated? Its complicated. But Mp3Doctor is a very easy to use software, targeted to non-professional-audio users, then we add some advanced possibilities without making it complicated.

Then, we recommend small values for Steep, but if you want psyco results try large ones.

Q- I have some 32kbs Mp3 and i cant use Mp3Doctor with them... why?
A -
You are right. At the moment Mp3Doctor dosent support mp3s with a very low quality settings.

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