Beats per minute - Tempo Change

Beats per minute - mp3 volume boost
From the first times, the music has been measured in 'beats'. Earlier, when the metronomes did not exist, descriptive terms were used as 'Allegro', to indicate the 'speed' of the beats. 'Andante' means a BPM in which every beat has more or less the speed of a person walking.

With the invention and improving of the metronome, we have standardized to measure the speed to which every song is interpreted with the term Beats Per Minute (BPM).

This topic of Beats Per Minute (BPM) is especially important when we want to mix or to 'chain' the end of a song, with the beginning of other one. If we mix two songs that have very different BPM, it is almost sure that the result will be disagreeable.

Beats per minute - mp3 volume boost
Tempo Change is one of the functions that the Mp3Doctor PRO offers that have more success between our clients, since the function Tempo Change allows modifying Beats Per Minute of a song, without altering either his pitch or his tone.

You can, using the Mp3Doctor PRO, listen in 'real-time' the mp3 when you modify the frequency of Beats Per Minute. With a slider you can increase or diminish this frequency while Mp3Doctor PRO reproduces the audio.

This way you will be able to modify at pleasure the frequency of Beats Per Minute (BPM) of any song, creating interesting variants. Which are ideal to create remixes or to mix songs.

Let's remember that the function Tempo Change neither modifies by no means the pitch nor changes the harmonic tonality of the song. Simply it sounds as if the artist had decided to touch it more rapid or slower. Really the result is very interesting and useful.

Using the 'Tempo Change' feature you will be able to turn in ballads, recordings that were rhythmic and vice versa. You will be able to fit also Beats Per Minute (BPM) of two songs, so that his frequency of Beats Per Minute, it is identical, to mix them easily as a DJ.

There is option to modify the Tempo (Beats Per Minute) of a song while being able to listen to it with 'real-time' results, while Mp3Doctor reproduces the song. It is really an outstanding function that the Mp3Doctor PRO offers, something that no other program of his kind is capable of offering.

Many of our clients have created remixed versions of his favorite songs, using this function of Tempo Change.

Pitch Change

Pitch Change - mp3 normalizer - mp3gain
Additionally, Mp3Doctor offers also a related function: Pitch Change. With this you it can modify the pitch or harmonic tonality of a song, without modifying the tempo or Beats Per Minute to which this one is reproduced.

In many occasions it is useful to modify the harmonic tonality of a song, to be able to mix it appropriately with another song, if this one has a harmonic different tonality. Normally the professional DJs match not only the beats of two songs to mix them, but also the harmonic tonalities.

How to make harmonic tonalities of two songs coincide without knowing about musical theory not either about musical notation? It is easy, do by of ear. Just play the song that you want to change the harmonic tonality and start moving slowly the slider that controls the pitch. When what you heard sound okay to your ears, itís done. The ear rarely fails.

It is possible that you use only in special occasions the functions to modify the tempo or the pitch, nevertheless, we know that this two powerful tools are convenient to have to hand. All people who take seriously the quality of his musical collection should have them.