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What is an encoder, and what does it means to "encode an mp3 file"?

Since the'90s, when starts the boom of MP3 format, it has become the standard format. Although there are many other audio formats available, the mp3 is being used heavily in audio playback devices, laptops, Mp3 Normalizer computers, car sound devices, etc.
Basically an encoder is a software program that is responsible for encoding an original wav audio file in a smaller file. This is done so that the compression process maintains the highest possible quality.
mp3 encoder - mp3 normalizer - mp3gain
To compress any audio file it is necessary to "rule out" some amount of information. If we lose any amount of information, we will lose quality. This is an absolute rule.
The method of compression known as MP3 has been so successful because itís based on an algorithm quite "smart", just getting to "discard" or "lost" information that was redundant or imperceptible.
Not all mp3 compression maintains the same level of quality. That explains why when you play different mp3 files, the sound quality is uneven.

Mp3Doctor PRO offers the function to encode or compress your audio files to mp3 format, maintaining the highest quality audio possible. It is also possible that Mp3Doctor PRO corrects and standardizes the quality of audio files that you already have. The noticeable difference when playing audio files are due not only to a different volume level between the different mp3 files. Too often there is also a noticeable difference in quality.
In this case, is not only necessary to standardize or normalize the volume between different mp3 files, will also be necessary to standardize the quality of each.
Mp3Doctor PRO provides not only standardization or normalization of volume levels; it also has the function available to standardize the Equalization and audio quality.
All this can be processed in batch mode (process many mp3 files at once) or just one file, as you prefer. You only need to press one button to completely normalize mp3 files. By this way you will standardize the equalization, the audio quality and will normalize the volume level of each mp3, all at once with a single button click.
The encoding (wav to mp3) and decoding (mp3 to wav) is possible to perform separately if, for any reason you wish to do so.

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The terms of bitrates and sample rate have something to do with the quality of encoding or compression?

Absolutely yes! The quality of an mp3 encoder depends on several factors

On the one hand depends on the quality of recording that has the mp3 file. We refer to the quality of the recording studio. It is a pre-existing factor. On the other hand, depends on the quality of the design of the mp3 encoder. The choice of rates for bitrates and sample rate has being chosen by default to the levels more convenient for the average Mp3 Normalizer-user. You do not need to deal with these numbers if you just want to encode an mp3 file. Mp3Doctor PRO does it for you. If you need, or prefer, for whatever reason, to choose some specific values for the bitrates and sample rate, Mp3Doctor PRO offers you a very easy way to do it.

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It is necessary that I re-encode my entire collection of mp3 files?

No, it will only be necessary to repair or process those mp3 files that have a problem or gap, either in quality, the sound or the volume gain, compared with the rest of your mp3 files.
Some people decide, however, to give a 'treatment' to all its collections, to ensure a standard level of volume, sound quality & encoding.
Finally the music is more than just numbers and math. The best judge to decide is the human ear.
Mp3Doctor PRO offers the more sophisticated tools, with a very simple and effective management so that you have your arsenal of tools available to improve the quality of your mp3s.

mp3 encoder - mp3 normalizer - mp3gain 

In theoretical terms, encode a wav file to mp3, has as main objective to generate a smaller file size, occupying less space on the Hard Disc.

The "revolution" of portable devices used as music players, would have been impossible without the ability to compress and encode wav files to mp3. Encode a wav file into mp3 means losing some information, with no audible loss of quality.
Mp3octor PRO is not only capable of encoding from wav to mp3 without losing quality, but in fact the resulting mp3 sounds better than the original wav.
How is it possible that after encoding from wav to mp3, the new mp3 file has a higher sound quality than the quality of the original wav file?
The explanation lies in the sophisticated algorithm used by Mp3Doctor PRO. This algorithm is a development of ours, and let you do all the tweaks needed to get an mp3 with a very high quality.
The encoding of an mp3 file is based on perception, which retains only the information that the human ear can perceive. The range of sounds that our ears can grasp and psycho-acoustic research shows us that the mind organizes the information that the ear receives in some specific pattern. So we know which is the most important information received and which is redundant when we encode an mp3.