Beatmatching techniques

Beatmatching techniques Beatmatching is the technique used in order to mix two songs.
Beatmatching as concept comes from the two particles that make up its name: beat and match.
To properly mix two songs is first necessary to know how many beats per minute each one have. That what we call the Tempo of a song.
Download the free version of the Beats per minute Detector (BPM detector) and thus can easily determine the tempo (beats per minute) of each mp3.
Once you know the Tempo (beats per minute) of your mp3 files, you'll need to change the tempo of some of them, in order to match each other. It is impossible to mix two songs if they have a different number of beats per minute. Mp3Doctor PRO lets you change the beats per minute for each mp3 with just one click.
If one of your mp3 files have, for example, 120 beats per minute and other 132 beats per minute, and you are plannign to mix both, then you should only increase by 10% the beats per minute of the first one.
Beatmatching techniques Selecting the TEMPO option as in the image, adjusting the value to 10% and then clicking the button PROCESS, you will have the song that was 120 beats per minute, converted to 130 beats per minute, ready to mix it easily!!
Download the trial version of Mp3Doctor and enjoy this powerfull feature, as well as many other advanced features (advanced but very simple to use) that Mp3Doctor PRO offers.

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