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mp3 normalizer - mp3gain
The Mp3 files you've collected from various sources (Internet downloads, ripping vinyl long plays, music CDs, etc.) have many ups and downs in the volume level?

Each time you start playing an mp3 file, you must adjust the volume slider, because some songs sound with a very low volume, while others started suddenly so loud and with a very high volume level?
You need Mp3Doctor PRO, the Mp3 Normalizer

The most advanced program to normalize the volume of your mp3s efficiently. Mp3Doctor PRO is the next generation of mp3 normalizers

mp3 volume boost
Mp3 Normalizer (Mp3 Volume Booster) is the possibility of increasing the volume gain of each mp3 file, thereby avoiding that some mp3 files sound too low, while others have peaks of very high volume.

Mp3 Normalizer is a term that has spread to that meaning. If you were looking for software that makes that all your mp3 files have the volume level as high as possible without any distortion, then Mp3Doctor PRO is the solution you are looking for.

Mp3Doctor PRO will give your mp3 files the optimum volume, both compared with other mp3s such as comparing each passage of the same song. To avoid that some passages can sound loud, while others have a very low volume.

The feature commonly known as Mp3 Normalizer or Mp3 Volume Booster is ideal if you want to have an optimal level of volume in all the mp3 files from your collection. Avoiding the well known volume rises and falls at the end of a song and when starts playing the next song on your MP3 player.

It works by pressing a single button, one need not give directions, Mp3Doctor automatically calculate each of your mp3s to provide the best possible volume level without causing distortion. And will not jsut simply rise to the peak volume (as many normalizer does), Mp3Doctor PRO optimize or normalize each of the approximately 7 million frames that have a 3 minute mp3. Each frame is normalized and optimized!

Mp3 Normalizer.

mp3 normalizer

mp3 normalizer

Mp3 Normalizer

MP3 Doctor PRO is an editing tool that lets you optimize, test, modify and improve all your MP3s and WAVs in several ways. You can repair imperfect songs or modify them with TRIM, Equalize, resample, and with a very efficient and improved procedure for normalizing MP3s - VOLUME standardizing and volume boost - feature. The goal is to allow you to maintain a similar quality, volume and sound in all your MP3s and discover a new quality in your mp3 files.

By this way you will not only get a consistent volume across your collection of mp3s, but you will also receive a consistent quality.

In the future, when you play your playlist on your mp3 player, your mp3 files will sound consistent with an appropriate volume.

There will be no files that sounds 'opaque', 'worn', 'dull' or 'weak' and with low volume. Nor others that sounds too strong, outrageous or loud. The playback will be smooth, with good volume, as appropriate to distinguish and enjoy every song and every part.

Normalize / Mp3 Normalizer

Audio normalization is the process of increasing (or decreasing) the amplitude of an audio signal so that the result coincides with a desired peak amplitude. Commonly, the normalization increases the amplitude of the audio waveform to a maximum level that does not introduce any further distortion. Said in common words, normalization amplifies the volume level (gain, volume) to the maximum possible.

The concept of dynamic normalization is used at present, which means that the volume is magnified in each frame, through complex calculations, rather than performing a single total amplification of the audio file.

The dynamic normalization is the most efficient method to amplify so effectively, and globally, an audio file (wav, mp3, etc).

The difference between the dynamic normalization on one hand and the old method known as mp3gain on the other hand, is basically that the volume increase takes place in each frame of the archive, even taking into consideration different sound recordings, eg high frequencies, treble and bass. There is an overall gain, based on a complex calculus that allows only amplify the audio level that is necessary to amplify.

Why everyone wants desperately to normalize their collection of mp3 files?

Years ago, people listened to their vinyl long plays placidly sitting in the living room, surrounded by a friendly silence.
Even the covers of those old vinyl LPs were larger and contained much information, song lyrics and many photos. People could sit comfortably, without any hurry to listen to each LP (Long Play).

The noise level was low in that environment and people could hear every note and every sound detail contained in the LP.

Today, however, we hear our favorite music traveling in a train, driving through a submarine tunnel, exercising in a park full of other sports enthusiasts, etc.. The noise is present all around us.

Also we must realize that we have increased our demands for quality and standardization of volume, we have been accustomed to having players that offer a better sound quality. Today we have a standard of quality that far exceeds the standard that existed at the time of this idealized scene that we mentioned earlier: a person sitting quietly at Mp3 Normalizer, enjoying the music on a vinyl LP, while looking at the cover of the LP.

To play music in modern high-quality devices that currently exist, we need to "tweak" those old recordings sound, enhancing the low, middle and treble.

Currently, it is not enough to boost a song, with an overall increase in volume. Our high standards require a modern and efficient process of normalization of volume. So we need to amplify and process each frame independently. Increasing the low frequencies where necessary, reaffirming the high notes at times, clarifying and emphasizing the voice in a song ... In short, we need a normalization process in line with high quality music playback devices that we use today.

Nor should we forget the noisy environment we live in ourselves.

Boost the Bass

Mp3Doctor PRO can boost the bass, enriching the experience of listening rhythm, Latin, jazz, salsa, rock or dance music, among other genres.

Perhaps the word that describes best this process is optimized normalize.

mp3 normalizer - mp3gain
Mp3Doctor PRO enhances the rhythmic and percussive (drums) parts, increases the volume gain in the bass, the middle frequencies are retouched to give "presence" to the voices and to increase the definition of instruments such as pianos, guitars, violins. One of the most notable benefits is that you can clearly perceive each of these musical instruments that have been increased and defined; no longer sounding spliced, scrambled or confused.
The higher notes of the song will 'shine on its own' after the normalization.

Which are the methods we used to amplify, equalize and optimize with different levels the different instruments of each song? A very modern normalization algorithm, which are typically done frame by frame (44,100 per second average).

The result will be such that you will not need any more to move the volume slider on your mp3 player with each song played.

How difficult is to use Mp3Doctor PRO? The learning curve is hard?

You don't need to be an audio engineer to use the Mp3Doctor PRO. In fact it’s very simple to use. You only need to load the mp3 file and press one button, that’s it.

Do I need some specific knowledge in order to understand the different audio settings of Mp3Doctor PRO?

No, again, only need to be able to press one button. That’s all. You press a button and the software runs automatically, nothing more needed. Perhaps the only requirement would be that you relax and enjoy your favorite music.

Mp3Doctor PRO is the new boom in terms of sound quality. Indispensable companion if you're playing digital audio in portable devices like mp3 players, mp4 players, memory sticks, walkmans, portable mp3 players in your car, etc.. The software is also suitable and indispensable for desktop computers and laptops.

You will not need any more too constantly adjust the volume slider when playing mp3s. You will hear instruments that had not previously noticed.

Each song will mix and match with the end of the previous song in a smooth and perfect way.

Even you can change the tempo or change the pitch if you want to be a professional DJ. Variations in volume gain will not be a pain.

If a song starts with a soft, low volume, this part will increase the volume appropriately without thereby distorting others parts that already had a higher or adequate volume. Each part of each song will be quite audible, with the appropriate volume.

Without destroying the dynamics of each song, the volume of each part will be the most suitable for optimum reproduction.

mp3 normalizer - mp3gain
If the next sentences describes your symptoms:

My playlist has become a nightmare, as is full of loud parts and other parts with low volume, there are many gaps, increases and decreases in volume gain, some songs start so smoothly that they are not really audible; others are so noisy that I need to adjust the volume slider all the time. Is Mp3Doctor PRO the solution to these problems?

Sometimes playing mp3s on the computer or on a portable player is so stressful, with all these increases and decreases in volume that anyone could easily feel like the way it feels to be on the roller coaster.

In those cases, Mp3Doctor PRO is the perfect solution!