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Mp3Doctor PRO 2017 is, besides being a very powerful and effective audio normalizer, it also manages to boost the bass, vocals, instruments, drums, percussions ... it is also a very powerful audio converter (mp3 converter) that can convert a Mp3 file - for example - into an m4a, flac, ogg, etc. file. and vice versa. You can convert from any of these formats, to any other, in a fast powerful way and at the same time normalize the volume gain like no other program can do.
Mp3Doctor PRO2 2017 is simultaneously the most modern audio normalizer and the most efficient audio converter

(mp3 converter, flac converter, ogg converter, m4a converter, etc.)

And you can simultaneously change the BPM (beat per minute) of your song perfectly (without affecting the pitch) or, on the contrary, change the pitch or pitch of a song, without affecting its speed or BPM. In addition, the program can equalize your songs while performing all of the above ... well, in fact, it is a very powerful program, like no other, that can greatly improve the quality of your music files. And by purchasing the Mp3Doctor PRO 2017, you also get the key to use the standard Mp3Doctor PRO2, for the same price.

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How to Equalize an Mp3 File

How to Equalize an Mp3 File

How to Equalize an Mp3 File How many times have you tweaked the equalizer function of your mp3 player or your media player? How many times have you selected from a long list of presets just because you could not find a right one to fit your current musical addiction? At worse scenarios, how many times have you searched through and through different audio presets only to find out that your player did not carry the settings that you wanted? To make things harder, sometimes the manual settings of your player cannot grasp your intense musical taste. Whoever thought that listening to music and enjoying it was a simple task was so wrong.
Over the last few decades, equalization was a tedious task which was reserved for sophisticated sound systems. The equalizer is also special for people who want their musical pieces to resemble the one from the original. Some factors that affect the quality of sound are the process of music reproduction in which the equalization of the original is changed. Also the acoustics of a single room combined with the personal hearing ability of a person changes how people perceive music. It is also an observed fact that the preferred sound or vibe of the general public changes ever so frequently with time. Music can be very dynamic. One time one style can dominate the music scene while in a few moments, it can be judged obsolete. But at times donít you just feel reminiscent of the olden days?
Your worries are solved by the new functionality of Mp3Doctor PRO. This application allows you to tweak your mp3 files to your heartís content. Equalization is one of this programís most powerful features. The equalizer function lets you control the sound, the quality, the atmosphere and the overall feel of your music!
To normalize an MP3 file, the first thing you have to do is to add the files that you have selected by clicking on Add File. You can normalize files via track or album. For tracks, you just need to click on the icon, and for
Single improvement is done by simple bars to edit the frequencies of the different sounds in a song. For example, a striking improvement could be done by adding high frequencies to a song that is old or just plain blandly sounding. You could also add more bass to fuel your music experience. You could add more power to your favorite songs and enjoy them more. You could set countless of ways to the different yearnings of your hearing. With a simple flick of a common sound bar, you can change the dynamics of your music and be in total control. If you would like to start from scratch, Mp3Doctor PRO always saves your original file to keep it protected. You would be your own personal DJ.

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