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Mp3Doctor PRO 2017 is, besides being a very powerful and effective audio normalizer, it also manages to boost the bass, vocals, instruments, drums, percussions ... it is also a very powerful audio converter (mp3 converter) that can convert a Mp3 file - for example - into an m4a, flac, ogg, etc. file. and vice versa. You can convert from any of these formats, to any other, in a fast powerful way and at the same time normalize the volume gain like no other program can do.
Mp3Doctor PRO2 2017 is simultaneously the most modern audio normalizer and the most efficient audio converter

(mp3 converter, flac converter, ogg converter, m4a converter, etc.)

And you can simultaneously change the BPM (beat per minute) of your song perfectly (without affecting the pitch) or, on the contrary, change the pitch or pitch of a song, without affecting its speed or BPM. In addition, the program can equalize your songs while performing all of the above ... well, in fact, it is a very powerful program, like no other, that can greatly improve the quality of your music files. And by purchasing the Mp3Doctor PRO 2017, you also get the key to use the standard Mp3Doctor PRO2, for the same price.

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Mp3Doctor PRO2 is one possible solution

Mp4Gain is another possible solution

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BPM Changer - Beats per minute changer

BPM Changer BPM - Beats Per Minute

BPM - Beats Per Minute - mp3 volume boost
As we explained in the Mp3 Normalizerpage of Mp3Doctor (on this site you are visiting now), BPM (beats per minute) is now the standard after it was in centuries past used such terms as "legato", "allegro" etc.
BPM or Beats Per Minute is the correct way, especially for modern music.

BPM - Beats per minute - The right way to use it.

For mixing music, producing remixes or playing music at events, it is essential the usage of BPM (Beats Per Minute) technology.
Is unimaginable that someone would attempt to produce a professional track or performance without using this technology.

Although the public does not know the meaning of BPM (beats per minute) and has no professional training in this area, they perfectly distinguish whether a mix contains any mismatch in timing issue.
Attempting to mix music on an event, as a DJ, without a proper handling of the timming and BPM, would be naive and with disastrous results. The audience could not even dance.

To adjust your music collection in order to mix music succesfully, Mp3Doctor PRO gives you the possibility to modify the tempo (beats per minute) of any MP3 file.
To let you measure the value of beats per minute to any MP3 file, as a freeware (in BETA version) we are offering this executable "BMP - Beats Per Minute Detector", which is the ideal companion for Mp3Doctor PRO.

To obtain more accurate results, it is ideal that you normaliz first the MP3 file and then detect the beats per minute (BPM). As the normalization feature of Mp3Doctor PRO offers, among other things, emphasize the rhythmic of the file.

There is another element that allows harmonious musical mixes. We are talking about the ability of Mp3Doctor PRO to modify the pitch of any song without changing its BPM (Beats per minute).

By that way, if you change the BPM (beats per minute) of a track and also tweak the pitch in order that the harmonies of two songs match, you get a perfect music mix.

It takes a bit of practice to tweak each track properly. But have the added benefit that the voices of the singers will have a better tone and the audience will notice it.

Download the free version of the software BPM - Beats Per Minute Detector and begin to mix music like never before. The ideal is to have a copy of Mp3Doctor PRO to achieve amazing results.


BPM Changer - Tempo Changer (without changing the pitch and vice versa)

Using Mp3Doctor PRO2 you can adjust or change the tempo (BPM) of any mp3, also you can change the pitch (without changing the TEMPO) or equalize and improve your mp3 files.And of course you will have to normalize all your mp3s. Download now the trial version of Mp3Doctor PRO and enjoy the vast opportunities of improve your mp3 collection. You will be amazed how much you can fine tune each mp3!!
You will be able to change the temp (bpm changer) or the pitch of multiple format files like mp3, flac,etc. Or you can download Mp4Gain if you want to change the tempo - velocity of any video file !! Mp4Gain

BPM - Beats Per Minute

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BPM Changer Download

BPM Changer - Beats Per Minute - mp3 volume boost

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