What is an MP3 Converter?

What is an MP3 Converter? Music files actually exist in a number of formats. These formats include wav, wma, and the most popular format, MP3. Most music fans and the general public, recognize the MP3 format. It has become a standard in audio encoding. Technically, MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a digital audio encoding format using a form of data compression. It has in fact become so popular that most music players are generally known as MP3 players nowadays.
But music files exist in a few formats because of proprietary reasons. For example, when ripping your CDs, a program may be defaulted to use the wma format for compression. Oftentimes some companies favour the use of formats like aac. It is not common to have problems arising from compatibility issues. For instance, most music players may not have the ability to play all music formats. Therefore, a need to convert music files from one audio format to another has risen.
In response to these problems, many companies have put out their MP3 converters in the market. Some of these programs only convert one file format to another while leaving out other functionalities for other programs to finish. A product that gives a solution to this is Mp3Doctor PRO. This is a program that allows a person to convert a music format from wav to MP3 while retaining various other functionalities like MP3 normalization, MP3 trimming, MP3 re-sampling, and MP3 equalization. Furthermore it retains other features like changing the pitch or the tempo of your MP3.
The ability which gives Mp3Doctor PRO its capability to change one format of music to another are encode and decode features. MP3Doctor lets you encode a file to an MP3 file and it can also use different bitrates or sample rates and this is mainly up to you. Additionally you can resample, normalize (adjust volume level), trim, change the tempo, pitch to your taste with the process. Aside from converting to MP3 format, you can do the reverse and convert the MP3 to wav. This functionality is known as MP3 decode.
For both processes which seem very complex, all you have to do is to choose the files you desire to convert. Upon opening the files, a simple interface which contains all the possible options to edit is shown on the screen. Changing from one format to another is done with one click and only in a few moments. With Mp3Doctor PRO you get full control of your music as well as having the worriless experience of using various formats to your liking.

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