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If you are an ardent music lover, then, it goes without saying that you know the intricacies of most audio software programs these days. A good number of them offer either plug in or built in functionality to ensure that you can level and have the volumes of your mp3 under control. As such, you can turn volumes to hear soft songs without the fear of getting sudden change in pitch once the next song on the playlist starts playing. Simply put, you can listen to different mp3 music files from different sources smoothly as they will all be on the same pitch in tone, contrast, and even volume. With the right Mp3 volume leveling software, only the sky can be the limit when it comes to enjoying your MP3 music files.

Most mp3 volume leveling software programs use amplitude analysis when it comes to determining how loud an mp3 file is, before they can normalize the file. They simply fail to do a comprehensive analysis of frequency difference that impacts on how loud or even how low the music sounds. Some software programs still try to break this chain and do a comprehensive analysis of the music files, but they still fail to consider songs within the context of their respective albums.

Fortunately, there is one Mp3 volume leveling software called Mp3doctor pro. It simply does lossless volume analysis as well as adjustment. The software allows the volume leveling of entire albums to be processed. With MP3 Doctor Pro, it is possible to detect the slightest difference in your Mp3 files and fix such a glitch. It offers real balanced of both sounds and frequencies with great ease. It uses one of the most advanced algorithms to normalize Mp3 files. With Mp3doctor pro, you can analyze every 44.100 frame per second that is contained in an mp3. With such features, one cannot help but agree that this is the only mp3 volume software that can achieve a perfect balance to make every mp3 file audible enough without any kind of distortion.

Unlike so many other Mp3 normalizers and mp3 volume leveling software programs, Mp3Doctor Pro will offer you batch processing options to allow easy processing of an entire folder at once. If you have a collection of different albums, you can still normalize or rather level their volumes without any problems. Mp3Doctor Pro can easily analyze all songs in an album since it considers them to be just one song. It then adjusts them to maximum decibel levels while maintaining their relative volumes. Keep in mind that the software will still allow your Mp3 files to have different sample rates and bitrates. This is despite the fact that minimum mp3 volume levels that are considered high quality range from a sample rate of 44.100 and a bitrate of 160. It is therefore understood that Mp3Doctor Pro is not just one of the best mp3 normalizers in the market but also one in its own league. It offers something different that all the other Mp3 volume leveling software programs do not.

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